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"Myers Suspended for Three Games"
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03/13/2012 6:49PM
Myers Suspended for Three Games
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03/13/2012 8:17PM
What a joke...Brendan Shanahan has carried over his dislike for the Sabers and Lindy Ruff to his "new" "job"...Lucic gets nothing for giving Miller a concussion??? And Myers gets 3 games for this??? Ridiculous!!!!!! Oh yeah...Maybe because it was a Habs player????1 game maybe...not 3...The NHL clearly does not want Ovechkin knocked out of the playoffs. I'm totally getting fed up with all the inconcistencies in ALL professional sports.
03/14/2012 10:57AM
Mr. Shanahan - I can see taking disciplinary action, but let's be FAIR about it. You can't and shouldn't pick/choose who and how you want to punish them. Let's treat everyone the same (as per the hit.) Did you think to ask Myers if he "meant" to hit Gomez? Surely he didn't, which would result in him getting no suspensions. :P
03/14/2012 11:38AM
Same old story
Yet another case of Inconsistent rationing of justice. No issue with the suspension but either call "em all or or don't call any." Shanahan has no clue and simply ruins it for the fans with the timing on this one.
03/14/2012 1:58PM
Almost Done
hard to spend time an money on pro hockey when you don't think it's legit
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