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Living Life Within 140 Characters

Six years ago, the number 140 was simply a random and meaningless number.  Fast forward six years and anyone plugged-in to social media understands that they have 140 characters to clearly send a message to the world.  Welcome to the world of Twitter.

Six years ago I wondered if Twitter would survive.  I mean, who would try to boil down their thoughts into 140 characters, post it to a site and hope followers would react.  The answer?  MILLIONS!

Twitter has become THE fastest way to disseminate messages and information.  News organizations once charged with 'breaking' stories and telling us first, are now hanging on Twitter to see what happens and when. 

Here's a great case in point.  Mario Williams.  It was no secret the Buffalo Bills were entertaining Mario Williams last week and working to close a deal.  But no Buffalo news organization had the inside scoop.  Would there be a deal?  Would Mario leave town and visit other teams?  Then, on Twitter, ESPN's Chris Mortensen 'tweeted' the Bills would hold an afternoon news conference to announce the deal.  Mortensen, a trusted and credible sports journalist, broke the story on Twitter.

Like it or not, this is how we communicate now.  Boil it down to 140 characters, hit send and the world will know.  There's always the danger that 'bad information' gets out there via twitter.  But if you follow the right people and organizations on Twitter, you'll have your own news gathering organization in the palm of your hand.

Lots of us embrace it.  Many push back.  But it's the way we communicate now and if you want to know first and fast, you better be ready to "tweet".

Here are some important Twitter accounts to follow if you've 'joined the club':


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03/22/2012 3:14PM
Living Life Within 140 Characters
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