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"Rush Limbaugh Responds to Criticism"
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03/21/2012 4:53PM
Rush Limbaugh Responds to Criticism
What are you thinking?
03/22/2012 6:21AM
Limbaugh is a Blowhard
Shame on you and your station for continuing to air this racist, sexist, lying hate monger. I try to listen to your station for news, it's a shame you have to taint the airwaves with his vile disgusting hate speech. Since you won't stand up to him, I have been forced to remove your station from my car's presets.
03/22/2012 6:29AM
Limbaugh is a blowhard.
It's a shame you taint your news station's credibility with his racist, sexist, hate speech. I have been forced to remove your station from my presets out of disgust. I don't mind hearing dirreing points of view, but there should be some civility. He was fired from ESPN for racist statements, and also been arrested for drug use, yet continues to be forgiven. A leopard doesn't change it's spots. Your station should do what's right and stand up.
03/22/2012 7:56AM
Get Rid of Rush
Rush tries to present his biased opinions as fact, when actually most of what he says is warped. Unfortunately too many gullible people believe the opinions that he spews. And thus he has a divisive effect on society. I've tried to listen to him but have concluded this this guy makes his millions by being a moron. When Rush comes on, my radio goes off. Do your station a service and get rid of Rush.
03/22/2012 8:14AM
Rush excels in his industry, and is "The best source of Truth in the USA".
To the management of WBEN, kudos to you and the sponsors. What Rush said about the young lady who is dependant on social services (handouts), was not fair or smart. However, he is 100% correct about the character of someone who is looking to be paid for any source of sex, period. And this is what its all about, period. About Rush being arrested for drugs, "cmon man", he was suffering from serious pain inducing injuries. I personnaly believe that Rush was "set up" when he was found with the same kinds of pills that my wife had to take after she was involved in an almost death related car accident. The problem is this, the Left wing groupies of this country hate Rush because everything he says about the Democratic Party is 100% truth, and they can't handle that. To all of you whiney, sniffling little "takers" of today's society, go get a real job, start paying real taxes, and then and only then you will slide over to the Conservative side after you start to feel the real pain of "taxes" being taken out of your paycheck every week. I have lost many friends over this topic, and you know what, Rush is Right, and I will always support and listen to him on WBEN, period!
03/22/2012 8:30AM
Whining, lying, refusing to accept the consequences for his own words.
In other words, nothing new (though the advertisers seem to have gotten a clue after all these years). DUMP THIS CANCER WBEN. We deserve better. Let his ignorant followers move to states with higher poverty, illiteracy, obesity and teen pregnancy levels. They're known as red states.
03/22/2012 9:01AM
who's the blow hard
Who’s the blow hard. I think it’s the media matters astro turfing hypocrites.Limbaugh is a true patriot, perfect no, but light years ahead of liberal mindsetthat threatens the very core of our country.
03/22/2012 9:04AM
Keep Rush
We need him!
03/22/2012 9:09AM
Rush Limbaugh is the only reason I listen to this station.
03/22/2012 9:12AM
Rush is on target - some WBEN listeners are cry babies
I support Rush. You thumb sucking commenters - have you chastised Baldwin, Schultz, Billy M. etc, etc.
03/22/2012 9:15AM
Rush is Right
I love the Rush Limbaugh show. He speaks the truth and the left wingers hate it. He is spot on with this commentary.
03/22/2012 9:55AM
aging hippies
I think Rush is so poplular for two reansons. First, he tells the truth. It may be ugly, not covered in the main stream media or seemingly unbelievable, but it can always be verified through other sources. Secondly, he tells it in a manner which made him the number 1 talk show in history. Kudos to you WBEN for carrying this show. As for the offended minority, these aging hippies and government handout dependent malcontents, they probably do not or would not support his sponsors anyway. Allow me to make a suggestion. Switch from CBS newsfeeds to the Fox News network. It would provide better coverage, perhaps boost your already high ratings and and drive the censorship types back to the ashrams. I tell any young people who will listen, the world will be a better place when all the 60's flower children become flower food.
03/22/2012 10:11AM
There is a concerted effort of the left who have now embraced communism to shut down free speech, starting with conservative talk radio. This group is a minority, however a small minority who, unlike conservatives are skilled at community organizing ans getting their voices heard. Conservatives need to standup and speak against this in a peaceful way and to distance themselves of all attempts of being provoked to violent response by them. Rush took the bait in a less than thoughtful way, but to squelch his message after one mistake and an apology is unAmerican. This communist minority, OWS, etc., does not represent America, they are just loud, intimidating, bullies, from those in government to those surrounding them and supporting them, including the SEIU.
03/22/2012 10:22AM
RE aging hippies
What a silly post. Actually it's shown again and again in ratings studies that the right-wing propaganda sources (Fox "News", hate radio) skew heavily to the older, whiter demographic (check O'Reilly's numbers); studies have also demonstrated that people who get their news from these sources are disproportionately uninformed. As our population becomes younger, less caucasian and reliant on better information sources, these lying dinosaurs will go the way of the original dinosaurs. You just keep on telling yourself differently, though, bless your heart.
03/22/2012 10:37AM
It's free speech
Rush Limbaugh said what he said and it's time people got over it already. It will take far more than rants of his liberal detractors to unseat the Doctor of Democracy from his Attila the Hun chair behind the golden microphone at EIB.
03/22/2012 10:58AM
RE disproportionately uninformed.
A good example is the number of people here claiming free speech rights infringement. It's a violation of freedom of speech if you're prosecuted for your words. It's not a violation if you repeat staggeringly ignorant lies, day after day, and people happen to notice and object.
03/22/2012 11:02AM
re aging hippes
My heart feels the blessing.I have never seen a study that says disproportinate numbers of Fox viewers are uninformed. Judging from the viewers Fox has or the numbers of Rush listeners, I would have to say that a majority of news seeking individuals tune to these sources.Of course these are my thoughts. I would never use misleading statements like " studies have shown" or " shown again and again" without citing sources. I would be afraid that it would make me sound agenda driven or worse. I am intersested in your statement proclaiming our population getting younger. Every statistic I come across states that our population is " graying", that is getting older. It seems to me that these "lying dinosaurs" appeal to a group, no matter their demographic, that is interested in hearing facts, not suppositions backed by phrases like "shown agin and again". Once again, thanks for the blessing, any reaffirmation of the exsistence of God is a good thing. In that spirit, and guessing your location from your post, may you live long and prosper.
03/22/2012 11:21AM
Ignorance In Broadcasting would be a better description of the Rush Lamebrain show.
03/22/2012 12:36PM
No opposing views allowed
Notice that all of the anti Limbaugh posters want him off the air. He's very effective at expressing a political point of view they don't agree with, so they demand that NOBODY be allowed to hear it. Sic Semper Tyrannus.
03/22/2012 1:36PM
leave Rush alone
those of you who want to get raid of Rush and have not condemed Bill Maher take an hike get raid of bill first and of the Sarah Palin and the things said about her 10yr old daughter by the left, then we will know you are serious.
03/22/2012 1:45PM
No longer a listener
I would often listen to Rush during my lunch break...wanting to hear the other side of things. He has become so offensive and ridiculous with his comments that I will no longer listen to his show. I'll continue to listen to WBEN in the morning for news, weather, traffic...but no more Rush for me. I'm done and I wish WBEN was too.
03/22/2012 1:52PM
Keep Rush
This country needs Rush to tell the truth about our government, since the last three years the American People are being lied to everyday
03/22/2012 2:25PM
I Like Rush and Free Speech!
I am for Free speech & Rush! I tire of liberal Projection, their Hypocrisy, name clling and stupidity. Liberalism(Socialism/Communism) is a mental disorder. Remember that Projeting means you are seriously disturbed. I am offended by the Democrat Party which I left because it is now more The National Socialists Party!
03/22/2012 2:43PM
Support Rush and WBEN
Im 18 years old and a true conservative and on my collage campus I notice many who think the same as me. We may not be the majority but we still hold strong beliefs. As for you who say when the older generation gives up the reigns of power we will become a socalistic state because of liberal propaganda that has been with my generation through our whole lives through the media and education system your wrong. The reason is simple: conservatism is the pragmatic choice. When my peers wise up they will realize this country is going down the wrong path.
03/22/2012 2:59PM
Seminar Bloggers
You know Rush often speaks of seminar callers. What we have here are seminar bloggers. Thank you Tim for pointing this out and supporting Rush. Stop it you post hippie, closed minded, fools. Before it's to late, please open you minds to the truth. You are the people that believe in this countries biggest mistake in generations, better known at Obama. Your are the suckers Barry needs to continue his destruction of the United States reducing it to a welfare state and, have you noticed, GAS IS ABOVE $4.00 A GALLON and your guy has absolutely no solution.
03/22/2012 4:05PM
Rush is goofy
Rush actually is a whacko, who loves to hear himself talk. This time he talked to much.
03/22/2012 4:11PM
Long live Rush
There is always a cry from the left when one of their ox gets gored. If Rush is wrong PROVE IT! You can't!This woman was a shill for the LEFT. She is so busy screwing that she can't go out an get this eran her own way. Give me a break. Granted Rush is bombastic but prove him wrong!
03/22/2012 4:12PM
Let's be fair
Rush limbaugh, like him or not, is the only reason people in this country have a sense of what is fair and balanced political media coverage. Before the limbaugh show most Americans believed what they heard and read in the press with regard to politics. Thank goodness , and Mr. Limbaugh, that now, many of us realize that most of the press is simply too biased toward the left to be viewed as fair and credible in their reporting. It is a good thing that we have Rush Limbaugh on the airwaves, just as it is that we have Howard Stern. Americans need to act like adults and discuss different views with each other without sounding angry and uncivilized. Grow up America.......please!
03/22/2012 4:28PM
No opposing views allowed
Indeed. WBEN will not allow posts containing links to studies demonstrating how uninformed Fox "News" viewers are. Fairleigh Dickinson and U of Maryland did these studies over the past couple years. Use your google and learn. Stalin wouldbe proud of WBEN.
03/22/2012 4:37PM
To the 18 year old
You're probably too young to remember George W Bush. He was the worst President we ever had; he stole from the Treasury to enrich his buddies; he started a war based on lies; his disastrous Robin Hood in reverse economic policies led to record deficits and almost created a depression. You won't hear that on WBEN because they lie constantly.
03/22/2012 4:38PM
Rush is only telling the truth
Rush tells the truth, the left can't handle it because they KNOW he is right, the majority of this country is Conservative, Liberals have nobody to carry their distorted socialistic views, they only wish they had someone with the reach of Rush on their side, but they don't, Rush explains thinsg in a common sense approach, and that scares the left. God Bless Rush Limbaugh!
03/22/2012 7:48PM
The issue is free speech NOT Rush Limbaugh
I don't think he should have apologized. What DO you call someone who goes public with that ridiculous, shameful demand that American tax payers foot the bill for her sex life? Nevertheless, the issue is free speech. Funny how it is only conservatives who have no right to it...
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