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"Motorcycle Insurance Less Expensive Than Cars, But There's a Catch"
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03/21/2012 5:50PM
Motorcycle Insurance Less Expensive Than Cars, But There's a Catch
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03/22/2012 10:38AM
no real coverage at all
My son was injured and died as a result of a motorcycle wreck. He was hit by a car almost headon and was hospitalized for months before his death. His motorcycle insurance paid nothing and the other driver had 100K in coverage. By time the lawyers got done literally picking over the corpse we recieved just over 50K as a settlement. The hospital bills were over One Million dollars which was covered by my insurance carrier as I had my son declared as a disabled dependant on my policy. None of the bills were paid by the other drivers insurance at all except for the 100K which the lawyers got a large part of.
03/22/2012 1:04PM
WRONG info in this story
You absolutely CAN buy motorcycle insurance that covers injury to yourself in case of accident. That assertion in the article is absurd. AND the cost of insurance for a bike varies dramatically, many times MUCH less than the 20-30%-off figure quoted in the article. It depends greatly on age and experience riding. Whoever was interviewed for this story clearly has limited knowledge on this subject.
03/22/2012 8:19PM
Let me get this right, a vehicle that can do 165 MPH and the insurnace costs about $200 per year? I'm so sick of these ghetto trash screaming down the I-190 and Clinton Street on one wheel with NO POLICE ANYWHERE TO BE FOUND. You would think a cash starved city and state would start impounding these vehicles and ENFORCING THE LAW! Lazy cops are to blame. It's much easier giving a teenage girl a cell phone ticket than going after the gangsters on the crotch rockets.
03/23/2012 10:44AM
I travel the 190, 290 & 990 on a daily basis. The riders of crotch rockets must have a death wish with the way they ride. When you are going the rate of speed that traffic is flowing at and they fly past you like you are standing still you have to wonder about them. All it takes is one false move to cause carnage. I have a feeling we will be seeing plenty of crashes like that this year because they have no fear or brains except what gets splattered on the pavement.
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