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"Buffalo Schools Submit Plan to NYS"
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03/23/2012 3:51PM
Buffalo Schools Submit Plan to NYS
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03/23/2012 5:08PM
Show delivery for taxpayer dollars
I fully understand that teachers do not want to be graded for students that do not attend. I would not want to be either. As a taxpayer I think that students that have excessive abscence should be expelled and taxpayers should then not have to pay for that head count. If school districts collect tax payer money for the head then they are accountable for the results of that head..... If the student is expelled then the teacher will not be graded on that students lack of performance. Win for the teachers and win for the tax payers. If you are going to take my tax payer money, I expect accountable results, return, delivered goods for my money.....anything else is a false bill of goods and services.....
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