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"Niroula Family Seeks $50M in Punitive Damages"
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03/26/2012 2:43PM
Niroula Family Seeks $50M in Punitive Damages
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03/27/2012 10:51AM
My son died in a car/drowning accident where Dunkirk NY had no proper rescue equipment/training in place. In a damages suit we were astounded to find that our 20-year-old son's life was worth hardly anything, monetarily. It's NY State law. Horrible, but true.
03/27/2012 10:34PM
Your son's life is precious
I'm sorry to hear about your terrible loss. Thank you for being so brave and sharing this sensitive information with us. May God help the young boy's family, his brother who witnessed his horrific death, his 12 year sister and his heart broken father who also just lost his wife a year ago. What a nightmare! They left their home country for "better" life and they've only had death and deep sorrow.
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