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"State Senators Wear Hoodies To Protest Florida Killing"
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03/27/2012 6:52AM
State Senators Wear Hoodies To Protest Florida Killing
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03/27/2012 7:25AM
This is very ridiculous for them to do. Going too far. Glad I did not vote them in.
03/27/2012 7:28AM
Some random thoughts....
If you're trying to prove that just because someone is wearing a hoodie, it doesn't mean they're a criminal, then you're defeating the purpose by allowing POLITCIANS to wear them into the Senate.... So the Black Panthers have put a bounty on Zimmerman's head, huh? This reminds me of when the Muslim world declared a fatwa on author Salman Rushdie. Is this the New American Fatwa? Another thing that puzzles this age of Big Brother, when there are cameras EVERYWHERE, why, especially in a gated community, is there no surveillance tape of what happened between Zimmerman and Martin? Just curious....
03/27/2012 8:38AM
Way to go GOP
You've rejected math and science. You've alienated hispanics, women and people with education. Now you're once again using your propaganda outlets to attack black people. That's the Limbaugh way to form a coalition -- appeal exclusively to the toothless white guy wearing a filthy wifebeater, living in a broken down trailer park, physically intimidated by his enormous wife. In other words, the WBEN listener.
03/27/2012 9:43AM
I would be afraid too...
If I had someone who jumped me and was pounding on me I would shoot him too to protect my life...end of story...Trayvon was not innocent in this whole story...and stop showing the picture of him when he was 12 years old and 90 lbs....he was far from that.
03/27/2012 9:47AM
Do something more productive like lovering the gas taxes
Maybe the senators should wait for the facts to come out before they protest...the more we hear about this story the more the senators look stupid...Do your job and work on lowering our taxes...maybe repeal the gas taxes for a few months to help those struggling...Remember that you work for get to work.
03/27/2012 10:05AM
I haven't seen a Circus like this since maybe....... Does anyone remember years ago before the internet, a young Black girl who said she had been raped by a WHITE MAN. I forget her name but the MEDIA WENT ABSOLUTELY WILD! And the Hate mongers like Al Sharpton were right there on TV demanding justice with the rest of the hate mongers. Then in the middle of all the histeria, it turns out the Girl's OWN FATHER HAD BEEN RAPING HER! Al and Jesse and and all the others quickly slithered away. As for the unfortunate siuation in Florida, it seems after Zimmerman lost site of Martin, Martin came up on Zimmerman from behind, something was said, and Martin punched Zimmerman in the nose. It WAS ZIMMERMAN SCREAMING FOR HELP as Martin SMASHED ZIMMERMAN'S HEAD ON THE GROUND. Maybe if someone had come to Zimmerman's aid he would not have shot the teen. The Truth will ALWAYS SET US FREE. Lets promote the truth and NOT Hoodies!
03/27/2012 10:15AM
Dressing like a criminal
If you emulate the dress of criminals, you should not be surprised if you are perceived as one.
03/27/2012 11:00AM
At least they are dressed like the ghetto criminals they are!
Unreal we have fallen this low!
03/27/2012 4:59PM
did they also carry a screwdriver?
Wonder if they carried a screwdriver and jewelry from some unknown person in the pockets of the hoodies.
03/28/2012 10:55AM
Good to see the mindless folks on here that wish to excuse or endorse this childish behavior from elected officials. Aren't we supposed to expect something resembling wisdom from these people? What about allowing the legal system to run its course and make an informed determination based on the facts? Instead we get politicians and so-called men of God inciting racism and hatred. Neither of these is either mature, responsible, nor godly. Let's not forget our commander in chief who should be encouraging people to obey they law inserting his own emotions into the equation. CLASSLESS! Of course, now he's selling hoodies for his campaign -- good way of not letting a fundraising opportunity to go to waste!
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