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"The Hoodie: Comments Across America"
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03/27/2012 8:22AM
Commentary and Opinions on The Hoodie
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03/27/2012 9:09AM
Now that the economy is on the upswing, the GOP is frantically looking for wedge issues to try and destroy America. And WBEN is happy to be a willing stooge in service to their mendacity.
03/27/2012 9:16AM
open your eyes
What can any of you "hooded" lawmakers or news organizations (WBEN) tell me about Bob and Nancy Strait of North Tulsa, OK? You know the 90 yr old husband and 85 yr old wife, together for 65 yrs. Victims of a home invasion - Nancy assulted and RAPED,later died and Bob shot in the face with a BB gun - assailant got away with $200, some jewelry and the couple's Dodge Neon - come on you photo op lawmakers must have a way to show support for this couple. Of course you don't know or care about the Strait's - they're white and the scumbag assailant is a 20 yr BLACK piece of you know what. Open your eyes and quit being so one sided in your support. Go find a camera in your stupid hood.
03/27/2012 9:37AM
Let the Facts tell the story
So now that the facts are coming out that the 17 year old attacked Mr Zimmerman...approached him and jumped him from behind and broke his nose and several indepentant witnesses confirmed this...are we going to have a support march for him?..Let the facts speak for themselves...Black or white should not matter...Where is the outrage and protests about the white college student shot and killed by 3 black men this weekend in Mississippi?...double standard...guess that is ok to do...we wont hear from Al Sharpton on that will we.
03/27/2012 1:00PM
Desparation is a democrat stooge
THE ECONOMY IS ON THE UPSWING? what are you smokin?
03/27/2012 1:03PM
Once again
We see that people who get their information from right wing sources are woefully ignorant and uninformed. The GOP needs a dumb electorate to get any votes; the bigotry and racism you see on display here plays right into their hands.
03/27/2012 2:09PM
Some random thoughts.....
If you're trying to prove that just because someone is wearing a hoodie, it doesn't mean they're a crook, then you're defeating the purpose by allowing POLITCIANS to wear them into the Senate.... So the Black Panthers have put a bounty on Zimmerman's head, huh? This reminds me of when the Muslim world declared a fatwa on author Salman Rushdie. Is this the New American Fatwa? Another thing that puzzles this age of Big Brother, when there are cameras EVERYWHERE, why, especially in a gated community, is there no surveillance tape of what happened between Zimmerman and Martin? Just curious....
03/27/2012 3:08PM
Black Panthers Bounty vs KKK
Can you imagine the public outrage if the KKK did what the Black Panthers did and put a bounty out on the 3 black men that shot and killed a white student at Mississippi State Univ on Sat...Funny how that works isnt it.
03/27/2012 3:55PM
White Hoodie
If a bunch of white guys got together and wore white hoodies, would the black community think we're part of the kkk?
03/27/2012 4:04PM
Pointed white hoodie?
I guess if our congressmen walked into session wearing a pointed white hoodie, that would be OK too......
03/27/2012 4:12PM
When will Schumer wear one?
With all the hoopla surrounding this I am surprised that Charles Schumer has not taken to wearing a hoodie to get some more camera time. Does Hickey Freeman make a hoodie?
03/28/2012 9:08AM
boogie hoodie
ban hoodies.
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