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"VIDEO: Congressman Removed from House Floor for Wearing a Hoodie"
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03/28/2012 3:44PM
VIDEO: Congressman Removed from House Floor for Wearing a Hoodie
What do you think of this stunt?
03/28/2012 4:14PM
If it makes a point (which it does) and disturbs the retrograde racist right wingers (which it does) like yourselves (which you are), more power to him.
03/28/2012 4:27PM
This is just the type of ignorant behavior that feeds the frenzy going on. I hope your proud of yourself Bobby! Let the FBI do their job and wait until all the facts come out. Between the inaccurate & hyped up stories from the media, the minority leaders jumping on the bandwagon, the black panther bounty, and just plain bad behavior... this whole thing just makes me sick. How can I be proud of my race when this type of grandstanding and showboating goes on? I even heard someone say on the radio that it was Gov Bush's fault... like he was really there? Everybody should shut up, act appropriately and stop making such fools of themselves. Justice occurs at its own pace not at your convenience or just because you feel like yelling foul! I'm not about to blame the world for the actions of 2 people like some seem to be doing.
03/28/2012 4:30PM
BRAVO... It looks good on him.
They consider a hoodie to be a built in hat? Seriously.. they missed the whole point of the speech.
03/28/2012 4:31PM
Want to really make a comment?
I just called and spoke with a representative of Congressman Bobby Rush about the courage he had to step up and make a statement about how judging someone by the color of their skin and the clothing they wear is commendable. Anyone wanting to do the samecan reach out to his office at 202-225-4372
03/28/2012 5:22PM
Fair trial impossible now
It is now virtually impossible for the shooter of the Florida teenager to get a fair and impartial trial anywhere in this country. There have been so many comments by so many people in high political offices, including the President, that even if he is convicted, the conviction is certain to be overturned. Why can't people shut up and let justice grind its way through the facts???
03/29/2012 8:56AM
"Congressman RUSH"
This guy should have kept his mouth shut and hid his face. He could not utter a coherent sentence. The people of Illinois actually elected this moron. I've got a sheet of paper witha higher IQ! And now we know how Barry got elected.
03/29/2012 9:24AM
Booby Rush is a congress man "I think not he is just a Jack A??" He is trying to make the problem worst He should be thrown out of his position
03/29/2012 10:08AM
Grow up!
This is accomplishing nothing more than stocking the fires of racism/hatred and those involved should be adults and stop provoking something that may not even have been a serious motive to begin with. Additionally, such immature behavior from an elected official is shameful! We have laws, and those should be upheld, not ridiculed by their behavior. Now why is this such an issue when the black community is watching the extermination of their youth, by their youth, and remaining on the sidelines with hardly a whisper? It's time to stop glamorizing the "gansta" drug culture lifestyle that children and emulating and taking part it which is leading to their needless slaughter.
03/30/2012 7:56AM
House dignity and decorum
Remember this gang includes stalwarts like Virginia Fox, Michele Bachmann, Allen West, Louie Gohmert. Their dignity is already in shreds.
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