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"Buffalo Schools Get One Week for Teacher Plan"
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03/28/2012 4:47PM
Buffalo Schools Get One Week for Teacher Plan
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03/28/2012 6:32PM
State Playing Dictator
As a former Buffalo teacher (retired) I see that some things never change with the State Education Department. It is bizarre that after the third plan the Buffalo Schools have submitted that the attendance issue seems to be satisfactorily stated yet other issues that were not criticized the first two times around are now needing revision. The State Education officials should walk a few miles in the Buffalo teachers' shoes for at least a month and they would be singing a different tune. Try getting out of Albany's ivory towers and see what it is actually like teaching in a high needs district. The teachers in Buffalo give it their all and yet the State Education Department is the first to condemn and criticize the people in the trenches. Why aren't the parents legally made accountable for seeing that their children are in school every day and cooperating with the adults in our schools. It still is illegally to stay out of school without acceptable reasons. Not getting up on time or missing the bus is not enough of a reason. Parents need to step up to the plate because the children are theirs to raise and support. It is not the government's responsibility! If Buffalo fans can spend millions of dollars on one new football player who will obviously win us multiple Super Bowls (LOL) where is the money for our schools? Oh it is tied up in the bureaucracy os our so called leaders.
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