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"VIDEO: Zimmerman Unhurt ? Police Video Adds to Debate"
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03/29/2012 7:56AM
VIDEO: Zimmerman Unhurt ? Police Video Adds to Debate
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03/29/2012 8:13AM
The plot thickens
This is more and more starting to resemble a criminal cover-up. If they push that angle, one of the racist gomers may spill the beans. Can't wait to see how the right-wing media spins that one.
03/29/2012 9:11AM
Media Desperate to lynch this man
The news correspondent WBEN had on this morning lied. Peter King said that Jackson and Sharpton want nothing to do with the "new" black panthers. Yet, where have these fake reverends denounced it? Why was Susan Rose leading the woman from Niagara Falls who could not express herself when Susan Rose had to say "Do you mean...." about the video because the woman had no clue. A good liberal media lynching.
03/29/2012 9:16AM
Left Wing Media desperate to lynch this man
Peter King lied today on WBEN saying Jackson and Sharpton want nothing to do with the "new" black panthers. Yet, neither of these racist "reverends" have denied it. Susan Rose had to lead the Niagara Falls woman to a conclusion about the video today when the woman couldn't clarify her own thoughts. At least we know where she and the news correspondent stand.
03/29/2012 9:39AM
WBEN allows a comment calling people "racist gomers"?
How racist is that? WBEN - for racism?!
03/29/2012 10:12AM
Cop seemed to see something there. Not sure what this video proves. To say you can or cannot determine the injuries in question is using a bit imagining.
03/29/2012 10:13AM
Treated by the emergency team
If he was treated in the ambulance(as per police report) wouldn't that mean he would have been cleaned up after the bleeding was stopped?
03/29/2012 10:32AM
when was this video?? after he had med treatment?? the left nuts are throwing blame without facts!!
03/29/2012 12:25PM
Maybe zimmerman's brains aren't running down his back and his nose seems to be still on his face. On the way to the police station it was reported that someone from the Fire dept helped clean him up in the back of the car. The film also appears to be VERY SMALL and NOT VERY SHARP. I wish instead of taking up justice on their own, people would take all this energy and help the Family in Rochester who's teenage HONOR student is missing. My prayers are with them.
03/29/2012 7:06PM
Liberal Media Lynching?
Really? The same "liberal media" literally brings you hour upon hour of Bauerla, Rush, Beach, Hannity et al. They don't have to air those shows, but they do. If they were so dedicated to being "liberal", those shows wouldn't see the light of day, especially sicne there's really no other place in Buffalo to air those shows. Conservatives really have cornered the market on ignorance and paranoia.
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