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"WEB EXTRA: The Rise Of E-Books."
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04/06/2012 7:40AM
WEB EXTRA: The Rise Of E-Books.
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04/06/2012 8:39AM
Ereaders don't give the same 'warm & fuzzy' feeling
I vowed I would never abandon my paperbacks, but I broke down and bought an ereader in January. Why? Because I'm an avid library patron and my LIBRARY forced my hand. I discovered that some of the newer titles I wanted to read were ONLY available from the library as downloads! It was either buy an ereader or buy the book from the local bookstore. My ereader is convenient to a point -- I don't have to wait for the library to open to get a book. On the other hand, a paperback doesn't have to be recharged. I can only loan an ebook from my library for two weeks (it's three if I take out a paperback) and there isn't any way to renew an ebook if I need more than two weeks to finish it. And, somehow, curling up with a cup of tea and my ereader just doesn't give me the same warm & fuzzy feeling as settling down with a good old-fashioned book.
04/06/2012 12:53PM
Ereader vs. Tradition
I resisted the urge to get an ereader for a long time, until my wife surprised me with a Kindle for my birthday last year. I am an avid reader and own over 2000 "old fashioned" books...from hardcover to paperback in my library at home. To me, there's nothing like the smell of a good old leather bound book, or the crinkle of the pages as they are turned. That being said, when my wife presented me with my Kindle, I immediately fell in love with the portability and the amount of books I could download. I have since purchased a Kindle Fire. I've not completely switched over, as I still enjoy buying old books, but I do like the ereader format a lot more than I ever expected I would!
04/06/2012 3:40PM
Ereaders vs. Tradition
I listened to your program this a.m. & also read 5-6 books per week - I do get them from the library - so don't have books all overs my house - I am considering a Kindle - so that when I have finished the books I have at home - and can'tget to the library - I would use it as a back-up (otherwise I might read the dictionary - LOL)
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