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"Grisanti Unveils Legislation Package on Fracking"
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04/06/2012 3:47PM
Grisanti Unveils Legislation Package on Fracking
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04/06/2012 4:45PM
While the Senator is my representitive, I am at a loss to see what this shell of a bill does for the good of the State. We need the jobs and the income to the state that these wells generate. To put a road block on the city of Niagara Falls as far as treating the wastewater is a mistake. It should have stated that all wastewater has all chemicals listed prior to going in the ground. That way we can control the wastewater Prior to using it. Come on Senator, Stop grandstanding and really try to help your constitutents
04/07/2012 12:35PM
You've got to be kidding
What utter stupidity! Hydrofracking has been going on for years This just puts obstacles in the way lowering the price of energy. But the most stupid part of these bills is the Prohibition of using public owned treatment works from accepting wastewater associated with the exploration, delineation, development, or production of natural gas. The DEC required North Tonawanda to build a treatment plant with ability to process just this type of waste. This plant costs taxpayers millions to maintain and is not being fully utilized for this purpose and, if it were, it could generate revenue that would help defray the cost of its upkeep. What is even more infuriating is, that when it is proposed to treat this type of waste, the politicians and other wackos step in and kill the idea using "environmental concerns" as the reason.
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