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"Ontario Prostitution Ruling Could Bring Legalized Brothels"
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04/10/2012 6:37AM
Ontario Prostitution Ruling Could Bring Legalized Brothels
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04/10/2012 10:30AM
A great Idea to Clean things up and make it safer.
I have several friends in Toronto that are "escorts" of varying degrees and specialties and what this will do for them is allow them to be organized in a legitimate business, advertise their specialties. have a central location in which to do business, hire security and do background checks on new employees as well as medical checkups to ensure disease free customers as well as service givers. The fact that it will cleanup the "wandering" prostitutes is a great reason to legalize it to begin with. There are already legal "dungeons" that if you wish to continue further into a sexual act it is at the discretion of the service giver, however as it stood previously the continuation was considered Illegal, which is a contradiction since the acts in the dungeon are to satisfy a need as does sex does.
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