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"Zimmerman Charged with Second Degree Murder in Trayvon Martin Death"
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04/11/2012 2:37PM
Zimmerman to be Charged in Trayon Martin Death
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04/11/2012 3:04PM
He stalked a kid and murdered him in cold blood.
And some people defended him and made him a hero. That says more about the American right wing than it does about the soon-to-be defendant.
04/11/2012 4:18PM
Let the manhunt begin
Throw him in the stir, if they can find him that is. I wonder why the local PD is/was not keeping an eye on someone who was under such suspicion by the local DA's office. Oh well. He better turn himself in before any of those crazies find him.
04/11/2012 4:23PM
First, they treated him like a "white man", he is not, he is hispanic. Secondly, I feel he had to be charged even if he shouldn't have been because of the uprour caused by Al Sharpton and his gang. That is wrong.
04/11/2012 4:31PM
Problem Solved
I tend to believe that any case involving a shooting should go before a grand jury regardless of stand your ground laws. Had this been done it would have been determined whether George Zimmerman was persuing Trayon Martin or if Martin attacked Zimmermanreturning to his car.
04/11/2012 5:39PM
What about Hannity?
Fox "News" was betting "Hannity and Zimmerman" would be boffo ratings among their core audience of racists and slow learners.
04/11/2012 7:28PM
Totally agree with the post of 04/11/2012 4:23PM. And I believe he will not be convicted of a murder charge. Manslaughter maybe, 2nd degree murder no.
04/11/2012 8:03PM
Trail by Press
We don't know if Zimmerman was an agressor or if he was attacked. All we know for sure is that he was pronounced guilty by the Jackson/Sharpton race baiters and by the press, before any facts were known.
04/12/2012 7:40AM
Wait a minute
Zimmermann is white just like his dad, just like President Obama is black just like his dad, the father determines what we call a person in our society. If he would have been in jail awaiting trial right after the young man was shot point blank none of the Al Sharptons or Racist "NEW BLACK PANTHER PARTY" would have ever came on the scene. shame on the Sanford police department.
04/12/2012 12:36PM
Doing their best to create race war - The Press
The press and the Black community is doing their best to foment a race war. This is a law enforcement matter, and should be handled with normal procedures. Now they'll have a show trial and railroad Zimmerman. Who's Hispanic, not White....Now the Blacks I come in contact with are hostile and unfriendly, whereas before they were cordial at least. And where are the arrests for putting a price on Zimmerman's head, and all that race war rhetoric by the New Black Panthers?
04/12/2012 2:03PM
Listen to Youself
If I was just walking in a neighborhood with a bag of skittles and ice tea, why should that me look suspicious? Why was he following him. Did he see him doing something wrong? If you want to catch someone doing something wrong, why not keep a low profileuntil you catch them. Who made Zimmerman the law and jury.
04/12/2012 2:42PM
No Gun
If Zimmerman was not carrying a gun, this would not be a story. At some point one or both of them became the agressor. One had a gun. People assume it's racially motivated but recent info states Zimmerman was a mentor to black and minority kids. Not long after this incident, a store owner in Florida shot and killed a black teen who demanded money. She knew the kid by name and where he lived, but shot anyway. She was not charged and there was no community outrage. I wonder if it was because she was black too?
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