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"Could Zimmerman Get Immunity Before Trial?"
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04/12/2012 6:36PM
Could Zimmerman Get Immunity Before Trial?
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04/13/2012 10:49AM
Is it just me.....
...or does this Zimmerman character look a lot like a chubbier Tom Bauerle?
04/13/2012 12:50PM
This is enough to look at as probable cause
Sending a narcotics detective to the scene, instead of a homicide detective, as is typical for homicides. And failing to administer a drug and alcohol test to Zimmerman that night, which homicide investigator Rod Wheeler called a "fatal flaw in the investigation." "The fact that Mr. Zimmerman was not given a toxicology test or breathalyzer examination is huge. Very huge," Wheeler said. He also wondered why Zimmerman's vehicle was not investigated or impounded. The police never treated Zimmermann like he could have been the aggressor and you have to ask yourself why not ? Is it normal for police to believe the one still alive holding a gun statement if someone was just murdered ? This is when the case became racial, just reverse the two men involved and trayvon would have been given a toxicology test, his vehicle would have been investigated and Trayvon's story of what had just happen would have been questioned by the Sanford Police. This is where you have to be honest and ask yourself, isn't this how we view the black young males in American society today ?
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