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"Ann Romney Fires Back At Never-Worked Charge"
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04/13/2012 4:50AM
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04/13/2012 6:59AM
It's a spin move
This was done, in my opinion, as a purposeful act so no one can question Michelle Obama's taxpayer spending. Notice how the reply from the President is that we should not engage in conversations about spouses.
04/13/2012 7:49AM
Another GOP poutrage
Right wingers have such delicate feelings, look at them cry! And they'll gladly support the aristocracy over their own interests if manipulated to do so. Which is obviously easy to do.
04/13/2012 5:01PM
You Know What is Really Funny?
Think about this, people are one of the few animals that let someone else raise their young. Now that my children are grown I no longer give a care what some people think of me as a stay at home Mom. I was fortunate that my Husband wanted me at home to raise our 4 kids. He worked very hard. And I took care of the kids and everything else I could to make it all work. We never had a new vehicle, but I always had something to drive. I was at EVERY School function and volunteered when ever I could. Many times I was there for my kids and other people's children. I am a Life time scout leader and I still work with 4-H kids.I still drive an old vehicle. But, I wouldn't trade my life at home with my kids for all the money in the world. Our kids turned out great. They did great in college, and they are really good people. And yes, Life is Good!
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