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"Mario Williams Posts Gun, Silencer Picture on Twitter"
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04/16/2012 5:14AM
Mario WIlliams Posts Gun, Silencer on Twitter
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04/16/2012 6:45AM
Legal, but dumb
Legal in Texas is legal, and he is well within his rights, but when the league has an anti gun policy, and you just signed a deal to be a star player in New York, posting a photo of a gun illegal there is bad judgement.
04/16/2012 6:48AM
It's not like other NFL players have never said anything dumb on twitter. Leave the guy alone. The nanny state of New York is the real problem. Kudos to him for standing up to it.
04/16/2012 6:55AM
Speaking out is within his rights . (For you pinheads who haven't heard of it, see The Constitution of the United States of America, Amendment 1). Owning a gun is within his rights (Ditto. Amendment 2). Just because he is a "celebrity", doesn't change either. If Sarandon or Clooney shut up on their issues, then maybe football players will be expected to stay silent. Until then, quit picking on the guy.
04/16/2012 7:13AM
NY should make suppressors legal...
Lawful ownership of a suppressor (silencer) like the one in the picture requires a $200 Federal tax stamp over and above the cost of the suppressor. NY should consider perhaps jumping on the revenue generating bandwagon by charging $100 (in addition to the $200 Federal stamp). Law abiding NY gun owners would pay the additional money for the additional safety the suppressor affords to our hearing. Suppressors are not an evil add-on device that makes any particular firearm somehow deadlier that it was before the installation of the device, they are best viewed as safety devices that protect the sportsmans/womans hearing and also reduce the noise signature to others while out hunting, target shooting or varminting. NY really needs to get in step with the rest of the country on this issue.
04/16/2012 7:50AM
Rights in New York
Getting a pistol permit in New York is a pain in the posterior anyhow. It's not a "right" here but a regulated privilege that is very restricted. We are "May Issue" where most States are "Shall Issue". That comesdown to the issuing judge and if he has his bowels in a knot you don't get a permit.
04/16/2012 8:48AM
Ditto to "rights."
The comment above entitled "rights." from 6:55 am today is PERFECT. There is a reason our fore-fathers put in amendment protect our freedoms so our government (if it becomes dangerously corrupt) and criminals weren't the only ones with weapons. It's all part of the checks and balances of our country. An armed population is a safe population. Google "battle of Athens TN" for a perfect example from our own history. I understand the motivation to ban guns (a belief that it makes us al safer), but it has the opposite effect...find other ways to accomplish the desired safety.
04/16/2012 9:44AM
Way to go, Mario
A big and well-deserved middle finger to NY and the NFL. I kind of like this guy.
04/16/2012 10:44AM
non story
Is he doing anything illegal ??.....Hes not??.....then shutup.....another non story that the press is trying to swirl into a controversy
04/16/2012 3:22PM
Good for him
Good for him. Getting that suppressor meant a ton of gov't paperwork and a tax stamp. Guess he'll be keeping his legal residence in TX
04/16/2012 5:47PM
What's the story?
Really? He posts a legal firearm pic & every freaks. Way to go Mario for showing what you believe in & promoting Gun Safety! Find some news that is affecting peoples lives right now - try reporting something positive for once!
04/16/2012 6:15PM
Ditto way to go
Sock it to em Mario. I'd love to see your collection. I can only afford two...
04/16/2012 10:22PM
sad that wben has to go to twitter to get non-news.
really wben? this is the best you can do? sad.
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