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"Siena Poll: 43 Percent Say They Pay Too Much in Taxes"
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04/16/2012 1:23PM
Siena Poll: 43 Percent Say They Pay Too Much in Taxes
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04/16/2012 3:03PM
Higher taxes for higher earning Americans??
But but they're the "job creators" and when the great, magnificent George W Bush gave the store away to the plutocrats he promised jobs, jobs, jobs! Just because they haven't materialized 11 years later doesn't mean he wasn't right, after all he was our greatest President ever!! I listen to WBEN all the time and obey every one of your station's commands.
04/16/2012 4:57PM
Waiting for the Rasmussen Poll.
They're more likely to tell us what we want to hear.
04/16/2012 11:53PM
Not surprised
The comments on WBEN talk shows are often so NOT a representation of what the average everyday American thinks. Most people are good and tolerant, unlike the xenophobes that host and call shows on here. Sad. I would actually listen to the station more ifthere was more reasonable talk going on, instead of the paranoid sky-is-falling stuff. It is so stale.
04/17/2012 2:10PM
My version of the Buffett Tax
My version of the BUFFETT (Buffett Uber Fair Flat Everybody Taxed 30%) Tax has 3 parts: 1. Classical Buffett Tax - 30% on all income over 1 million dollars. 2. Buff Tax - 30% on hot sexy buff (but poor) celebrities and posers not eligible to be POTUS. 3.(All You can eat) Buffet Tax - 30% for everybody else, even those on SSI/SSD and corporations (since corporations are people too). Thus the Democrats can increase spending while the Tea Party Republicans (who represent taxpayers) can recruit more voters and in a few years reduce both the debt, the spending, and eventually the 30% tax rate (in all 3 parts) to 20%, thus letting all tax payers (including secretaries) pay as little as Obama and Buffett paid on 2011 income. With no special rates for investment income or deductions, the only way to make this tax more fair would be to make it a per capita tax.
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