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"Newt Gingrich Campaigns in Buffalo"
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04/20/2012 7:51AM
Newt Gingrich Campaigns in Buffalo Friday
Does campaigning like this after someone else already has pretty much sown up the nomination, make sense to you?
04/20/2012 10:05AM
Pretty much?
Pretty much "sown up", or pretty much "sewed up"? If Romney has "sewed up" the nomination, he wouldn't still be called the "presumptive" nominee. I would be more accurate to call him the "assumptive" nominee---and you know what can happen when assumptions are made.
04/20/2012 10:27AM
I would love for you to explain how this nomination has been sown up when 19 states havent voted yet?
04/20/2012 10:40AM
Newt is in this race because he is dedicated to saving America!
Mitt is in the lead for delegates, but that does not translate to a win when he needs to earn many more to become the nominee. Many voters have not yet had their say. It is very insulting to them to presume Mitt is the nominee as though their votes do not matter. Freedoms are being trampled on. We already have that with Obama. I find it disappointing that the GOP establishment is doing it too. Newt is the only candidate who has worked with Presidents from both sides and did not Flinch. Newt has a strong grassroots movement of people backing him because he is the only candidate being a voice for the people. Washington is afraid of Newt because he will bring about change and put them to work. If you want Washington serving you, then VOTE NEWT!
04/20/2012 11:07AM
Newt Gingrich Campaigns in Buffalo
It sure does make sense. There are still 19 states left to vote in this year's primary. I'm sure the people in those states would like to have their voices heard. Newt has bold solutions to this country's enormous problems. Nothing is over yet. Go Newt!
04/20/2012 12:17PM
Grifters gonna grift.
As long as there's rubes, there's carnies ready to exploit the gullible.
04/20/2012 12:18PM
Sewn up not sown up.
And what is it with right wingers and the "shove down your throat" metaphor? Seems like the further right you go politically, the more closet cases you meet.
04/20/2012 3:45PM
Newt is the Best Candidate of all the Candidates that are Running and that Ran before they dropped o
Newt Gingrich is the best of all the candidates and the most conservative. The most intelligent and innovative.
04/20/2012 4:04PM
19 states to go means it's not sewn up
Romney has half of what he needs to "sew up" the nomination. There are still nineteen states to go. If Romney does NOT get the 1144 delegates he needs to "sew up" the nomination, the process continues into the convention hall in Tampa. Alot of conservatives have not given up ... we're glad Newt is still in the race and that Romney BIG MONEY has not, in fact, sewn up the nomination for him. See y'all in Tampa!
04/20/2012 10:59PM
My vote for the "Last Conservative Standing" does matter!
Newt, as "The Last Conservative Standing" has presented bold solutions to pulling America out of the nosedive that the Obama Administration has taken the country into; Romney is still waiting for the polling data to come in before he releases concrete details on many of his plans for America. Romney lacks the gusto to go head-to-head with Obama and will rely on Obama to self-destruct in order to win in November. Mitt is a Conservative-in-name-only on some key issues (not even mentioning Romneycare & global warming): on free trade, he proposes extreme tariffs as a solution to the trade imbalance w/ China (with all due respect to Trump, tax breaks to corporations are the solution to bringing jobs back to the U.S. verses escalating trade wars). On taxes, he doesn't specify a fundamental restructure. He has flip-flopped on social Conservative issues as well. It will take true Conservatism to win in November; a loss by the GOP will end in America's crash-and-burn at the hands of these statists!
04/21/2012 7:59AM
LOL at Newt's followers!
Got a bridge to sell you. Up for some three-card monte? How about a great deal on Florida real estate? Pyramid scheme perhaps?
04/21/2012 10:29AM
Re the "19 states to go" mentality
If those states were all low-education Confederate states, he might have a chance. But they're not so he doesn't.
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