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"New York's GOP Primary Today"
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04/23/2012 7:28PM
What Will Turnout be Like for NY's GOP Primary?
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04/24/2012 8:44AM
Time to pay back the taxpayers, Newt.
You don't need the Secret Service, you need to learn the difference between right and wrong. Now crawl back in your hole and never bother us again. Lying charlatan, preying upon the very gullible.
04/24/2012 9:49AM
Maybe if they didn't lie so much?
These two NEVER tell the truth about anything. Maybe facts matter to GOP voters ... ? HA HA as if.
04/24/2012 11:22AM
Primary Turnout and Romney
Primary turnout will be the same as it always is in New York State, low. We all know the nominee will be Mitt, it is "his turn". The big "primary battle" has been over for a while. If you do go vote today, have fun affirming what people in other states have chosen for you, Mitt Romney, or you could do something radical and give Newt Gingrich or Ron Paul your vote.
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