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"Corasanti to Take Stand in Trial"
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What do you think the jury verdict will be in the Corasanti trial?
Guily on all counts
( 55% )
Mixed verdict
( 36% )
Not guilty on all counts
( 9% )
04/26/2012 12:25PM
Corasanti to Take Stand in Trial
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04/26/2012 1:51PM
trying to save his own sorry self
The "good doctor" never even slowed down. His first instincts were to save his own sorry self. He may not have been able to save the girl but he sure would be looked on in a much better light had he tried to. Nothing will bring the girl back but the actions of James Corasanti do not speak well of his character.
04/26/2012 4:42PM
It's sickening to see that this "man" still has no concern for the young girl he killed.
04/26/2012 7:46PM
He could have done something
It is said that there is nothing he cold have done, oh but there was at least 3 things he could have done 1- he could have not driven drunk 2- he could have not been on the phone 3- he could have not been speeding guilty
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