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Feeling Twisted on National Pretzel Day

What do pretzels have to do with Catholic monks and the institution of marriage?  A lot as it turns out. As we celebrate National Pretzel Day today, munch on these fun facts:

Pretzels are believed to be the oldest snack in the world, dating back to 610 AD when European monks took scraps of dough and twisted them into a shape representing the Holy Trinity! Did you know the phrase “tying the knot,” symbolizing the marriage bond, was represented by the shape of the pretzel?

My all-time favorite snack is popcorn with hot nuts mixed in, but flavored pretzels—BBQ, mustard, Cajun—rank as a strong runner up. Just like Stanley in “The Office,” I also love soft pretzels, that doughy twisty goodness you can find in so many mall kiosks, sports venues and amusement parks. Serve me up a cinnamon sugar pretzel or a plain slathered with hot sauce and mustard and I’m a happy snacker.
With the salty flavorful pretzels, I like to slake my thirst with an ice cold lime flavored beer or a diet Dr Pepper.

By the way, if you love freebies like Stanley and me, go to Auntie Anne’s website before midnight today and celebrate National Pretzel Day with a Buy One Get One coupon.

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People : Pepper
04/26/2012 12:54PM
Feeling Twisted on National Pretzel Day
How do you take your pretzels? What is your favorite snack and beverage?
04/26/2012 3:36PM
I love favorite are the hard pretzels. I prefer mine dipped in a horseradish mustard with a beer....MMMMMMM. I also love the vendors on the streets of NYC selling those huge not so hot While they could be a tad hotter, they are still yummy.
04/26/2012 4:14PM
Honey Wheat braided pretzels
I once ate a whole bag of these in one sitting. I literraly could not stop. They are so tasty and go great with beer or vodka. No need to add anything to these babies!
04/26/2012 4:16PM
Chocolate covered
I love the penny sticks with hot fudge poured over them. Drink a cold glass of milk with them--heavenly!!
04/27/2012 8:15AM
Love the cinnamon coated pretzels. Regular pretzels are good for card game, watching a game with a group and of course some cold beer. Going to that Aunt Annies site right now I can smell the cinnamon already!
04/27/2012 9:05AM
Simpsons pretzel episode
There's an episode of the Simpsons where Marge goes into business as a pretzel "knot bread" vendor. "Knot" to be missed...
04/27/2012 2:33PM
Pretzels should only be eaten with Sea Salt ..Toffee and dark chocolate...from "JUST CHOCOLATE" they go best with my favorite.... a nice glass of red wine
04/27/2012 2:37PM
Twisted Sista
I love my pretzels soft and sweet- Auntie Anne's with the cinnamon or white glaze. They taste like they are dipped in butter- they are an infrequent treat and I love them with milk. Also like the Rold Gold cheese twists with ginger ale. TPO
05/27/2012 1:23PM
05/27/2012 1:23PM
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