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"VIDEO : Ex CIA Says Waterboarding Useful Tool, Like Air Strikes"
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04/27/2012 6:41AM
VIDEO : Ex CIA Says Waterboarding Useful Tool, Like Air Strikes
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04/27/2012 7:25AM
When is Hannity going to be waterboarded?
Three years ago your neocon wunderboy told Charles Grodin he'd volunteer to be waterboarded to demonstrate that it's not torture. The craven coward has yet to follow through. Typical whiny right-wing neocon coward.
04/27/2012 8:31AM
What a coincidence!
The Senate Intelligence Committee are about to release their findings that conclude torture (which waterboarding assuredly is, despite the lies that the neocons and the right wing propagandists will tell you) is INEFFECTIVE. IT DOES NOT WORK. Not to mention the fact that barbarians who favor torture are no better than our country's enemies, in fact they are our enemy. Just like Glenn Beck's domestic terrorists.
04/27/2012 11:24AM
propane torch and wire brush
As long as it gets the information needed to save American lives I could care less how they get it. Those people have no scruples when it comes to us. If they warm their toes with a propane torch and scrub their backsides with a wire brush so be it.
04/27/2012 12:26PM
Nice try, hack media
Bush didn't care about Bin Laden as getting him didn't enrich his cronies at your expense. Torture did not lead to his capture, which required having an adult in the White House. This is just a bunch of revisionist history and lies coming from the America-hating right wing. How about if you inbreeding rednecks just leave the country, okay? Thank you.
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