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"Group Looks at Park for Waterfront Space"
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04/27/2012 2:55PM
Group Looks at Park for Waterfront Space
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04/28/2012 4:49PM
creation of a waterfront park.
About time!1 I am a local cyclist and one time waterfront sailor. And as such I have spent many many days hours and even weeks sailing at the small boat harbour .As a youngster I recall ice skating on the ponds that are now part of the Tift farm park. More recently I have spent many hours cycling on the bike paths that have been created along the waterfront.When the plans for Fufhman Blvd were first announced I thought Oh Oh looks like you can kiss that area goodbye ,but much to my amazment the development so far is quite beautiful.There are still areas that need looking after,but my plan would be to cut the grass ,put in a few more walking/cycling trails trim up the trees that are maturing,much of which is a result of begnign neglect. Coupled with the new blvd which makes for easy acces to places such as Tift farm. Times Beach ,the old Light House on Coast Guard land,Gallagher beach,the newly developing park adjacent to the old Union ship canal. All quite astounding given the previous inertia in the many previous years.I would try to keep a lid on more commercial activities,those in the past were not to favoring of public access. On the other hand some development of living space ,controlled that is, would to my mind round out use of some older ex-commercial spaces. So,I am glad to see a group favoring the veryideas I have privatly espoused. I would like to be kept posted. Thanks. Gordon walker-
04/29/2012 10:41AM
The above photo. 100 years from now take the same pic from the same spot. It will look the SAME lol.
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