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"WBEN Extra: Student Loan Debt"
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04/30/2012 6:18AM
WBEN Extra: Student Loan Debt
Is Congressional intervention the answer? Forgiveness of debt or just lower rates? Do you have loans? Do you advise them for your kids?
04/30/2012 8:16AM
reality check
The problem is the cost of education and the students that think they absolutely, definitly need Harvard or XYZ University DESPITE the cost. And I do understand that at the young idealistic age, with your whole world ahead of you, that you think you will earn huge amounts, and life will be great and... etc etc. But when it isn't the loan burden becomes a if I had known then moment.
05/01/2012 4:54AM
Not so fast...
Let's not forget the parents who put a lot of pressure on little Johnny or Suzie to get into the best school they can brag to all their friends.
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