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"Is it Time To Ban The Tan For Teens?"
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05/02/2012 6:10AM
Is it Time To Ban The Tan For Teens?
Should the state ban tanning for teens?
05/02/2012 7:16AM
How many 17 year olds think like adults?
The government does intrude too much in our lives, but on this one, kids are at special risk, and not equippped to respond correctly. And even the industry rebuttal doesn't say there is no risk On this one maybe we do need a a nanny state, or at the very least, involved parents.
05/02/2012 8:14AM
Tired of legislation and legislators
Don't get me wrong, I have no doubt whatsoever that overexposure to sunlight/uv rays is harmful...anything not done in moderation is harmful, and that includes lawmaking. There should be some other way to get things accomplished in this state than to continually throw new laws at problems. I do agree that this is a nanny-state maneuver, and a money-grab of some sort as well. Always follow the money when discussing anything to do with the government; the government NEVER does anything for the people out of the goodness of its heart....because it doesn't have one!
05/02/2012 9:13AM
Government Can't Save You From Yourself
Government--stay out of our lives! You do too much regulating now. I heard the comments on this from Dr Rothmman and she thinks that, because the government regulates our lives in some ways now, they should take more control. That shows how supposedlysmart people can't think for themselves. Stop the regs--don't increase them.
05/02/2012 10:27AM
reduce the state deficit
Here we go - some politician who has nothing else to do will come up with the bright idea for people to get a "LICENCE- AHA" to go to the tanning booths. Just like they slipped in the " 2 year use fee for licenses" - anything to make a buck. This will help the General Fund right?
05/02/2012 10:29AM
If the parents won't do their job, maybe the State should...
Obviously these parents think it's "cute". Either that or they are too stupid to understand the risks or just don't care. I am against a nanny state, but unfortunately, this is one of those areas where I think the State DOES need to step in.
05/03/2012 12:01PM
Typical Liberal "Down-State" response to a ninor issue
When the Progressives see any activity that could potentially be harmful if abused or done incorrectly by individuals their instinctual response is to criminalize it. This is a "Down-State" mentality fostered by the liberal brainwashing that goes on in NYC, and it gives the entire State more burdensome regulation and a bad name throught the country. Let individuals make their own choices, and suffer their own consequences.
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