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"Wallenda Unveils June 15 Date for Falls Wire Walk"
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05/02/2012 11:16AM
Wallenda Unveils June 15 Date for Falls Wire Walk
Will you watch the crossing?
05/02/2012 11:38AM
I can't believe anyone pays attention to stuff like this anymore.
05/03/2012 11:19AM
I believe WNY should be optimistic about this event. If this was taking place in Toronto, Vancouver, Seattle, San Francisco, Washington DC, the residents would embrace this happening. I am a small business owner in the city of Niagara Falls for the past 5 years. Challenging at first..but have seen many changes over the years and positive attitudes among us that are trying down here. My out of country and US customers enjoy our side and are relieved to come back here after a visit to the beautiful Canadian side. They mention how our side is more park like and peaceful and beautiful, too. I left the WNY area for over 20 years and moved back. The negativity I hear is a shame. Why only think about Nick Wallenda for the weekend and think about what we have to offer the guests and tourists that visit....let alone our local residents who enjoy visiting when something is happening.
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