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"Gallagher: Racial Slurs at HS Games Rare"
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05/02/2012 5:43PM
Gallagher: Racial Slurs at HS Games Rare
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05/03/2012 2:37PM
Racial Slurs
Being of Native American descent we are always bombarded with racial slurs from other teams. My two sons play for the Buffalo Riverside Lacrosse Varsity Team in Buffalo New York and we have encountered many racial slurs by opposing teams. This year they went to Erie Pennslyvania and my son was called a name, not only by the players but by the Coach of the team. It happened again when they played against Newfane. So I disagree with your comment about it doesn't happen often. My sons have played box lacrosse in Ontario and it happens there too. What is so hurtful is that they yell out things that proves their ignorance, and the rest of the team including the coaches feed into it.
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