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"How Old Is Old? Annual Poll Has Hope For All"
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05/03/2012 8:36AM
How Old Is Old? Annual Poll Has Hope For All
How Old Is Old?
05/03/2012 9:02AM
LOL - this was funny!
I heard about this poll on my way to work yesterday -- my 61st Birthday! At first I thought they were going to say that you are considered old at 61 -- then I found out I am only considered "middle-aged". It brightened my mood considerable to find out I am not over the hill after all!
05/03/2012 9:38AM
not old
I am not from here. At 64 i look 50. Since i moved here from so. Calif. I have developed into a wrinkled old lady. I think its the weather. Most women my age have ugly drab hair & saggy boobs& bellies. Not me. Im an artist & i stay fit. At 64 I AM NOT OLD.!!!!!
05/03/2012 12:09PM
Baby-Boomers still refuse to age
What is it about the "Boomers" and their inability to age. Our society needs it's elders. We have become a nation of spoiled teenagers. Being healthy and fit is good, but when you reach age sixty, don't act like your still thirty.Time to grow up.
05/03/2012 4:20PM
Not old at 63
Baby-Boomers still refuse to age-you must not have hit 30 yet. I am 63 and if I feel like acting like 30 I am going to. Reason?? Because I can!! Age is not the only deciding factor. We have stayed in younger shape because we are active and busier than ever. I know people in their 90s who are still as vibrant as a 50 year old. You gonna tell them to stop that too?? I was afraid to hit my 60s. When I did and found I am just as good as ever I felt better and hold my head high. We are still the elders in the sense of our experience and wisdom, but we are not ready for the rocking chairs and walkers yet.
05/04/2012 7:54PM
How old is Dave Debo? That's my answer!
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