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"Romney Visit to Buffalo on Hold"
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05/03/2012 7:35PM
Romney Visit to Buffalo on Hold
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05/04/2012 8:45AM
Republicans, Save your Money
Republicans, Why do you donate large sums of money to candidates when NY State always votes Democratic? Does this make you feel like you actually matter on a national level? Romney is no better than a "Carpet Bagger" in this reguard, he expects you, the Western NY Republican, to give him money, but he could care less about your concerns once he cashes his checks.
05/04/2012 8:50AM
Republicans, Save your Money
Mitt only wants your cash. He's bought the nomination, let him pay for his campaign too, its why the party elites choose him. As for those Republicans who give money to Presidential Candidates, save your money, NY State's vote is always Democratic and never matters. Let the people in the "swing-states" who actually matter pay for this circus and save your money because the winner will raise your taxes anyway.
05/04/2012 8:54AM
Give to Local Candidates, Not Romney
NY Republicans, your support for Federal Candidates is laughable. Until things change in NY State, it does not really matter what the Federal Govt. does. We always get hit at least once by liberal policy, and sometimes twice at the Federal and State levels. Save your money. Donate to local candidates who actually have a chance of winning state elections and changing NY State Govt.
05/04/2012 9:54AM
Forget it Willard
You'll need a more gullible populace than NYS has -- try some of the low-information red states where the folks think Sarah Palin or George W Bush are Presidential material. You may be able to con some rubes out of some cash here, though. As the saying goes, a fool and his money something something.
05/04/2012 1:14PM
Romney just wants cash
Mitt just wants to get as much money out of WNY as possible. Save your money, or go spend it watching Nik Wallenda cross the falls.
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