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"Gabryszak Calls for Tougher Hit and Run Penalites"
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05/04/2012 7:32PM
Gabryszak Calls for Tougher Hit and Run Penalites
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05/07/2012 6:52AM
hit and run
i think they should change the law if you kill someone then it should be life in prison and ther is to many hit and run cases going on from charles serio of tonawanda ny
05/07/2012 8:40AM
Tougher Penalites
Ideally the Offender's drivers license could be premanently revoked after a fatal/near fatal hit and run. Unfortunately stronger penalties will not deter the majority of these offenders because they are not thinking that they will be caught. However, Penalites for killing someone should be harsher than one year in prison if a life is ended due to driving recklessly.
05/07/2012 12:34PM
Both of these accidents were directly related to drinking and driving. We need to start by making stiffer penalties for being caught while driving under the influence. Two of our young people's lives were ended because two idiots drank too much and then drove their cars. We need to deal with this problem otherwise we will have more such senseless deaths.
05/07/2012 10:20PM
Pedestrian/Bicyclist Safety
I find it interesting that the news can concentrate all their efforts on DWI laws. Not once, were any bicycle or pedestrian laws mentioned. Recently, we had a DWI hit and run. It was a horrible tragedy that I hope I will never have to face with my children. Unfortunately, many people do not know the "rules of the road." For instance, NYS Law states that any child under the age of 14 is to wear a helmet when bicycling and follow the same traffic rules as motorists. Bicycles are to have reflectors on them - white in front and red in back. Pedestrians are to walk against traffic. And whether on a bike or walking, at night wear something/anything reflective. "Be Safe, Be Seen" While visiting the location of the child's accident, at least five kids 14 and under road their bikes - on the wrong side of the street (against traffic instead of with traffic) and not one was wearing a helmet. Not only do we need to educate the public about DWI but we must also do a public service by reminding the people about traffic safety for bicyclists and pedestrians. Ironically, May 9 is designated as "Ride Your Bike to School Day." Perhaps WBEN can help spread the word. Thank you.
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