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"Jury hears about Corasanti cell phone activity"
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05/08/2012 12:38PM
Investigator Says Alix Rice Texted Before Crash
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05/08/2012 1:22PM
Hit & Run
It doesn't matter if she was eating twinkies, Corasanti (in my opionion) hit her and then left the fatally injured girl and the scene of a that crash. Her actions had nothing to do with his reaction when he hit her.
05/08/2012 2:35PM
I Agree!
You're right, Alix texting is irrelevant to the fact that Carasanti hit her and then ran away. Stop making her look like the guilty one!!! They are really grasping at straws to get him off lightly. Hopefully the jury is intelligent enough to convict him.
05/08/2012 3:11PM
Hit and Run
Are you serious? Who cares what she was doing? Doesn't even matter if he was drunk of not. He left the scene, end of story. you're guilty of a felony. If he gets away with this it's an injustice not only to Alix but all the people that went to prison because they didn't have money.
05/08/2012 3:57PM
her texting is irrelevant
The girl was on a skateboard. Her texting has nothing to do with her being hit by a BMW 750 and killed. If she shot in front of him or hit the side of the car she may be partially at fault but that is not the case. Daniels and crew are trying their best to get their client off in any way they can.
05/08/2012 7:17PM
how it happened
Dr. Corisanti was light blinded by his cell phone while he was driving nin the dark ... Walk into a dark room then light up your phone (as if to look at a text ) now look around you cant see well till your eyes adjust back to the level of darkness now do the same thing while driving drunk with old eyes and on a dark road all around a recipe for disaster and that is what unfortunately what happened
05/08/2012 7:52PM
i agree
it dosent matter weather she was crossing the lines. Corosanti was drunk and him and his lawyer are trying to get him off meanwile making alix look like the cause. step up to the plate and stop trying to help yourself. A young girl has died! you are a doctor maybe who will ever know you could have helped her but you chosed to save yourself and your career
05/08/2012 11:20PM
where is the proof
the prosecution has circumstantial evidence at best ! where was the girl in the road when she got hit? why is the damage to the Drs car so low last time I stood in front of my car I would have flipped over it if I was standing not propelled 160 feet. It could have been anyone driving that car and not seen that poor girl last time I check you are innocent until proven guilty
05/09/2012 7:55AM
Drunk Texting
After drinking all day, there's only one reason for texting some gal at work. Man, this dude is scum.
05/09/2012 8:41AM
He is disgusting
He is a sad excuse for a man, I cannot believe how they even think he should get out of this one. I guess it is money talks well it better not, your right for all the people who did go to prison he better also. Texting, drinking, and leaving scene And all backed up with evidence. END of Story!!!
05/10/2012 9:00AM
sad very very sad
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