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"Obama Endorses Same Sex Marriage"
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05/09/2012 3:09PM
Obama Endorses Same Sex Marriage
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05/09/2012 3:36PM
He makes me ill!
When will people begin to look at what he does instead of what he says? This man is a complete socialist who lies so much he can't keep it all straight! He's trampled our constitution, implemented race wars and class warfare. He talks about rich people like they're dirty yet he and all his cronies are rich. The bulk of millionaires in our government are democrats. In respect to gay marriage - 31 of the states have banned it - its sick and twisted yet the media talks about it like its fringe cooks - it's the majority of the USA against it. Language, Culture and Borders should be our credo before it too late! We are bankrupt and better stop with our Chinese credit card! We have turned into a nation of takers, people that think as long as it feels good today we can deal with the consequences later. Look to Europe and you'll see where we are going!
05/09/2012 5:09PM
Congratulations Mr President
You weren't going to get the mouthbreather vote anyway, might as well get with the 21st century.
05/09/2012 7:16PM
The first comment typifies the ignorant in this country... He's a Socialist!!..Examples please... He's starting class warfare!! Having the wealthy pay 3% more in taxes as they did in the '90s.... Gay marriage is sick and twisted!!..I'm sure that person screams for Freedom and Liberty..except for those I don't agree with...Get a life!!!
05/10/2012 10:19AM
About Time
Glad to see he finally manned up and had the courage of his convictions on this. He has my vote.
05/10/2012 10:35AM
Congradulations Mr President, You now are an Official Political Ho
After listening to Obama's "Coming Out" tape I have to only wonder, What's next! I can HARDLY Wait! It's like waiting for the next episode of American Idol or maybe Axmen.Maybe he will come out in favor of people marrying Aliens; Not from Mexico, real ones from outer space! My kids have drunk so much of the kool-Aid, I swear they are starting to look like Grape Berry Slash. And I still have my pot on the stove waiting for that there chicken always promised.
05/10/2012 11:47AM
At least now we know that the president is not a Christian and this should remove the evangelical vote. We now know that along with being a socialist, he has no morals.
05/10/2012 6:39PM
For the anti-Obama ranters - have you ever been discriminated against? Have you ever had a loved one in the hospital and not been allowed to visit? Have you ever been assaulted because of who you love?My guess is NO. Instead of keeping this to the issue at hand, you bring up ideas of socialism, class-warfare, and racism... none of which applies here.The issue at hand is that currently in the "most free" country in the world, I'm not free to marry the person I love. Thankfully it is legal in NY, but still not federally recognized.No arguments against gay marriage have any bearing in a factual, logical forum. Against it because of your religious tradition? ...Too bad, because we live in a country FOUNDED on the separation of church and state. Think gays shouldn't marry because they are "promiscous"? ...Umm, if that's the case, then a majority of slutty straight men and women shouldn't be allowed to get married. Believe the purpose of a marriage is procreation? ...Then I suppose we should ban infertile couples or post-menopausal women from getting married.Your arguments against same-sex marriage are akin to those prohibiting interracial marriage... and belong in our past. Obama has taken a step to the future. And he has my vote.
05/11/2012 8:00AM
Mouthbreather vote?
Some of the comments here (he's a SOCIALIST) do demonstrate a lack of basic knowledge. Dummies will vote for Romney because they're told to. It's also been demonstrated that the most homophobic people have the biggest latency issues.HA HA
05/11/2012 8:02AM
We want big government telling us how to live our lives and who we can and can't marry. We want a nanny state. We're social conservatives.
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