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"Expert: point where Corasanti should've been aware of Rice"
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05/14/2012 12:24PM
Corasanti Trial Resumes After Brief Delay
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05/15/2012 8:36AM
a bigger hole by the day
With the evidence being presented every day there is a bigger hole being dug for Corasanti. His lawyers will have a hard time getting him off of this. The lawyers get paid either way so they are the only real winners here.
05/16/2012 8:20AM
Heim Road is dark
I agree with Burton's assessment of the point of possible perception on Heim Road. I've lived one block from Heim for 25 years, I've driven the road at all times of day and night, and I walk my dog along that area at least four days each week. It is very dark and very hard to perceive anyone or anything. Most cars, to this day, put on their high beams because the sight line is so poor. Lighting on that road, as well as others in the area, is still poor to this day.
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