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"Second Buffalo Cop Charged with Fraud"
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05/17/2012 3:26PM
Second Buffalo Cop Charged with Fraud
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05/18/2012 8:26AM
nothing new
Wasn't there an officer on IOD several years ago that had a couple of kids while she was off? Can't work but can make babies.... Sound like another system we all know about?
05/19/2012 6:50AM
These two former cops really are PIGS! Really, you find it demeaning to sit at a desk and answer phones and consider it to be punishment.” I've done that job most of my life and find it honorable to make an honest living for my family. What I find demeaning is the fact that a person can lie about an injury and collect taxpayer dollars, and sleep well at night. You sir, do not even deserve the respect of being called sir, and you truly are a lazy PIG!!!
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