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"Corasanti Called to Stand"
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05/18/2012 10:54AM
Corasanti Called to Stand
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05/18/2012 12:39PM
On stand and stand up
Say sorry I made several poor decisions that night and I will except responsibility for them. Nothing else needs to be said.
05/18/2012 1:25PM
the show goes on
Of course he does not think booze played a part. He is going to try to make himself look above reproach and the model citizen. Daniels and crew are doing their best to keep Corasanti out of prison.
05/18/2012 1:50PM
of course ...
he is going to claim that he does not believe that alcohol played a role that night. He claims that he felt his BMW run over something, but wasn't sure what it was. But in his next breath, he says he would have stopped if he knew he hit something. HUH?? Why didn't you stop then? And if he would have done everything he could at the scene, why didn't he go back after his wife said that she saw an ambulance where he hit Alix. I'm guessing he had to much alcohol in his system, and him being a doctor, knew it. What a shame!!
05/18/2012 3:37PM
Too guilty for words...
05/18/2012 3:38PM
Remember the life he hopes to save is HIS - too bad he didn't/couldn't have helped save the young lady who lost her life that night. He's pulling out, what he hopes, is an award winning, life-saving script.
05/18/2012 5:40PM
would love to read the whole story
remove the ads on this page. its covering up the article!
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