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"Corasanti Wraps Up Testimony"
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05/21/2012 11:20AM
Another Juror Dismissed in Corasanti Trial
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05/21/2012 12:10PM
Another request for mistrial
Is this going to Joel's strategy, calling for a mistrial every 5 minutes. I guess he can see the handwriting on the wall. Good job Joel.
05/21/2012 12:52PM
Juror dismissed
Jury duty is tedious..also the ramifications put forward by defense and prosecution are inane. Find someone in this area who has not heard of this infamous trial and I will tell you they are lying. This is not a sequestered jury..of course they read local periodicals. Corasanti's issues should take a back burner. I am so sick of updates on my 'phone and front page news regarding what's going on. He was wrong and she was also wrong. It's not a moot point because someone lost their life. I had (still have) a very irresponsible daughter. When she was Alix's age my daughter was very much in my radar. Still is. I don't understand how a parent or parents would say - "Hey, it's cool. Ride your thingie home in the dark. " or whatever it was that transpired or didn't between this family unit. I live in the Southtowns and the traffic is not nearly as bad as what occurs up North. I also drive at night so I do, on occasion, come across some misguided youth out on the streets. I refer to them as "sfb's". It's dangerous in the dark with no reflective clothing on or material on a moving device- read skateboard or bike.
05/21/2012 1:44PM
crying towel time
What a sob story. Daniels must have an acting coach on staff to present such a tearjerker.
05/22/2012 8:32AM
Questions ???
Some questions he should have been asked.... 1.- If he wasn't drunk, why didn't he drive back to the scene instead of sending his wife? 2.- If he wasn't impared, why did he not drive to NOCO to meet the police? 3.- Why in a million years would he run down the street saying his career was ruined & he wasn't going to go to jail?
05/22/2012 9:56AM
The Face of Death
The doctor and his entire defense team spin a yarn so far-fetched and laden with holes that they better be praying for a mistrial. This arrogant man would have had to have been "under the weather" to not notice the enormous dent and damage to his death vehicle. He has by his insistence that he knew not what he hit and his persistence in dragging Alix's family through this turmoil instead of admitting the prosecution has abundantly shown and common-sense tells a reasonable person..... he panicked and ran.... made a terrible situation for the family all the more painful....but without ever realizing or perhaps considering the possibility Corasanti has made his face the very Face of Death for decades to come. As to the danger of the dark....yes it is more dangerous to be out in the dark....that is why since recorded time we have huddled by fires and kept the night watch. Nevertheless the dark offers little danger compared to a 3 ton missile careening around in the dark....and for anyone who has actually visited the scene of this tragedy at night there are street lights that make it bright enough to toss a football at midnight....check it out for yourselves...and then consider how implausible the Doctor's story is.
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