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"Teen Pleads Guilty to Deadly Crash"
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05/23/2012 12:19PM
Teen Pleads Guilty to Deadly Crash
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05/23/2012 2:05PM
Take Note Corasanti...
This kid pleads guilty and will face the music. I have more respect for him than Corasanti because he manned up and is going to take his medicine.
05/24/2012 4:41PM
Results of facing your demons
This kid will pay for his mistake and have a shot at life, when a person refuses to face himself he will never get beyond the issues that has put him in the trouble to begin with. Hats off to facing the music!
05/25/2012 11:22AM
dollars and cents
Just goes to show if you have enough money to pay off expensive lawyers, you have a chance to get off, or at least get a reduced sentence. If he did not have any money he would probably be incarcerated already. Two young girls are dead, one takes his medicine and the other is trying to make the public feel sorry for him. I hope they throw the book at Corasanti.
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