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"Corasanti NOT GUILTY Except Common Law DWI"
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05/30/2012 5:25PM
Verdict Reached in Corasanti Trial
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05/30/2012 7:15PM
justice must be served
waiting for the verdict; how could it be anything other than guity on all counts!
05/30/2012 7:38PM
This should be Guilty on all charges,he refused a breathalizer.T hen 5 hours later still had a illegal acohol.GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just because he is a well known doctor does not give him a get out of jail free card. The average joe would have been hung by now. Poor Alex needs justice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
05/30/2012 7:42PM
you gotta be kidding
Must be nice to buy justice. Unreal...
05/30/2012 7:43PM
Money Rules...Ugh
money and power versus innocence. Money alwys rules...ugh
05/30/2012 7:46PM
A sliver of mercy in an otherwise dark situation
This entire situation is a tragedy for everyone involved. No one can bring back Alix - and no amount of additional punishment for Dr. Corasanti will bring her back either. He will have to live with this for the rest of his life - isn't that punishment enough? I, for one, am glad to see the Jury had a heart and dished out a little mercy for a man who can't possibly go back and change anything and who, undoubtedly, will be punished enough by himself.
05/30/2012 7:47PM
Money corrupts the justice system
that is all I need to say...
05/30/2012 7:48PM
The D.A. should be fired!
Not serving the public interest by bringing items in that he could never proved. Texting should have never been introduced just a money grab not a proof of guilt. Should have grilled wife about returning to the scene. The D.A. failed to cross examine Dr.Corasanti properly.
05/30/2012 7:56PM
sad day in wny
how sad for the Rice family. This jury was sleeping throughout the whole trial. God Bless our judicial system when you can murder someone and walk away from it.
05/30/2012 7:57PM
This is OJ Simpson B.S.!
completely disgusting that James will not see a jail cell. He is not an animal and he has been through a lot. I don't want to dehumanize him but there are thousands of people in Erie county that go through the legal system and end up worse off than him and those people did not kill anyone. James should just got sit in jail for a year or two, even if the accident was caused by a demonic possession and completely not his fault, Alix rice is dead... Part of James should have to die. You should nto be able to kill a teenage girl and not fucking rot in jail! You WERE a professional male citizen.. live it. GTFO of our county! BE A MAN JAMES! END OF STORY
05/30/2012 7:57PM
disgusting, I cant't wait til Karma comes for him
I can't wait til Karma comes for him
05/30/2012 8:01PM
Apparently I did not follow this case close enough. I am sadden for the young woman's family. I pray for their solace in such a devastating time
05/30/2012 8:03PM
Here come the pitchforks...
I guess its wrong to find people not guilty. Lets imprison every person that has ever been accused of a crime in this country. Will that make the pitchfork and torch rioters happy?
05/30/2012 8:05PM
Imagine the howling on WBEN
If Dr Corasanti was African American.
05/30/2012 8:08PM
no justice !!!!!!!
Dr. corasanti might have fooled the jurors but in the court of public opinion he is guilty of killing Alex and leaving her to die as for his medical license if not taken away on legal grounds it should be taken away on moral grounds.
05/30/2012 8:11PM
The jury determined Corasanti lacked the necessary physical and mental skills to operate a motor vehicle as a reasonable and prudent driver (that’s the common law DWI charge), but he is found not guilty on vehicular manslaughter. Vehicular manslaughter in New York: the crime of causing the death of a human being due to illegal driving of an automobile, including gross negligence, drunk driving, reckless driving or speeding
05/30/2012 8:26PM
Equal justice for all ?
With that kind of verdict, the 23 year old that ran down and killed a little boy and left the scene in Lancaster has got to be feeling pretty good that he will probably only get a DWI. We will see how equal the court and jury system is.
05/30/2012 8:26PM
I am absolutely frustrated with this verdict. The jurors should be ashamed of themselves and hope their identities are not made known as they will forever be labeled as morons. Just what is the combined IQ of these 12 flunkies: ZERO. I have lost all confidence in our justice system. NO ONE, NOT ANYONE, should ever plead guilty to any charge placed against them in Western New York as it is obvious the losers in our community will surface to the top of a jury pool and they will render a not guilty verdict (or a hung jury) in even the most obvious of the guilty. What a shame, what a travesty, what a disgrace. WHERE AND WHEN DO THE PROTESTS BEGIN?????!!!!
05/30/2012 8:28PM
05/30/2012 8:28PM
If you can afford Joel D. as an attorney, you could get excused from going to hell!
05/30/2012 8:32PM
Driver Ed
Part of new driver education curriculum should be the Corasanti Way - get drunk, text, drive in a bike lane, kill an innocent young girl and leave the scene. Why would anyone not leave the scene after this verdict.
05/30/2012 8:34PM
Corasanti NOT GUILTY
I can't believe the verdict. Goes to show you money talks. He's as guilty as the day is long.
05/30/2012 8:35PM
Leave the Scene
For 2012 part of the new drivers education curriculum should be named the Corasanti Method. Get drunk, drive, text, hit an innocent young lady and leave the scene (before you check your car make sure you pull in the garage/close the door). Why wouldn't anyone not leave the scene of an accident anymore after this verdict. To the jury, nice to know where to find a collection of morons are gathered.
05/30/2012 8:36PM
ms smith
put Sean on.....sick of this case, glad he's not guilty...........
05/30/2012 8:39PM
same on those jurors
A young girl was killed and this man did so many things wrong and tried to cover everythig up,SHAME ON THESE JURORS!!!!!!!!!
05/30/2012 8:44PM
Jurors must have been in la la land with all the evidence against the good doctor.
05/30/2012 8:47PM
I received a ticket for not wearing a, texting and driving while drunk, killing someone, leaving the scene, getting off? What is wrong with this picture!!!!
05/30/2012 8:49PM
get a good lawyer and you can get away with anything
guilty of drunk driving distracted driving probably speeding. Is there any other way to explain his total lack of awareness . Anyone that out of it i would not want for my doctor, or behind the wheel of a vehicle.
05/30/2012 8:50PM
Shame on that JURY!!!!!! poor Alex Rice and family! DFrom now on I will fight for tighter DWI punishment if DWI is all he will get!!!!!!
05/30/2012 8:50PM
What Justice
What a total msicarrage of justice, How can he be guilty of DWI and not guilty of the other charges? Guess when you are drunk nothing else you do matters as long as you have money. I hope those jurors can sleep tonight.
05/30/2012 9:00PM
It makes me mad just reading the verdict. open your eyes he just got away with murder.... Money talks$$$$$$$$
05/30/2012 9:00PM
good outcome
I'm a little relieved on this verdict. The prosecution didn't prove anything, since there was not a lot to prove. A dark road, a crouching dark-clothed skater, a car insulated from noise. Show me that he saw her - that anyone WOULD have seen her. They can't - and didn't. The jury came up with the right decision. It must have taken some courage on their part.
05/30/2012 9:02PM
Shocked, absolutely shocked, thought the evidence was so obvious pointing to his guilt. To Alix's family; so so sorry you have to live with this.
05/30/2012 9:22PM
I can't believe it
This is such a travesty of justice. My heart goes out to the family. Not only did they lose Alix, they saw the man responsible go free. I'd love to hear a believable explanation of how this jury came to this verdict. I wonder what they would have decided if it had been their child.
05/30/2012 10:01PM
05/30/2012 10:02PM
had a feeling this would happen
doctors get away with anything. Corasanti is arrogant and condescending. How totally wrong. Can you imagine the injustices the victim's family feels tonight. Jurors-you should be totally ashamed of yourselves and you WILL live with this for the rest of your lives. He took a life and tried to cover it up and he gets away with it?? Haven't we seen this time and time again??
05/30/2012 10:14PM
I believe now more than ever that there is a class system in this country. Where is the justice. Tom Bauerly must be outraged. The fact remains that the prosecution was out classed in presenting evidence without a reasonable doubt.
05/30/2012 10:23PM
What Happened
What Happened to the days when we made mistakes and took responsibility for them. A young girl is dead and a drunk doctor is free to do it again. It is beleived that a person who is caught driving drunk, has probably done it a minimum of 400 times beforebeing caught.
05/30/2012 10:29PM
He hit her, left the scene. Period.
05/30/2012 10:59PM
Only in Buffalo?
The same As^%#&^'s that fight progress in Buffalo are the same As&$@!^'s that were on this Jury! WTF? This is horrible to say, but, I hope ALL 12 jurors and DR. DEATH feel the pain and can live with their poor choices. I hope all of YOU rot in HELL!!!! No more breaks for Dr.'s, Lawyers and Nurses! GFY!!!!!
05/30/2012 11:24PM
He'll drink & drive again
Let's hope he hits a tree next time - at 75 mph.
05/30/2012 11:25PM
Its Shameful !
Thats the only one word to describe this travesty SHAMEFUL!
05/30/2012 11:34PM
Terrible. Where is the justice? It is not right he gets away with it.
05/31/2012 2:56AM
Im sick , as a Canadian Im so shocked . There are too many rules of law , what happened to common sense
05/31/2012 6:28AM
how in the world can someone drive away,his wife go back NOT HIM,sees he hit someone and NOT BE GUILTY of leaving the scene of an accident??????If you hit a dog you are supposed to stop report it,don't blame anyone BUT the jurors.Reasonable doubt abou other charges,BUT that one?
05/31/2012 7:43AM
What a joke
what these juriors did is give every drunk driver a license to drive,kill,and go home without any recourse.How can you be acussed of dwi and not of killing someone with the car you hit them with while you were intoxicated?Absolutily discusting that this scum will be able to go back to his upper class life when he just got away with murder.First OJ simpson not this rat.
05/31/2012 12:15PM
Who murdered Alix?
If Dr. Corasanti is innocent, who murdered Alix?
05/31/2012 12:55PM
a travesty in judicial system
I think a lot of the problem is in the explanation of "guilty beyond a REASONABLE doubt". I think these juries are hearing, "Guilty beyond ANY doubt," there is a big difference. Even though I think he was guilty beyond any doubt. Joel scumbag Daniels should be made to wait for the civil case is settled financially before he is paid for his devilish deeds. We know he won't be in Heaven.
05/31/2012 1:07PM
Drive this man out of town!
Man what can I say. We were playing golf yesterday when we got the text that this guy was found not guity on all 5 counts. We we all shocked and could not belive it given all the evidence even leaving the scene of an accident. The community needs to cometogether and drive him out of town so that he is not a threat to the community any more.
05/31/2012 2:32PM
courts what a joke
just gives the lawyers some place to take your money
05/31/2012 4:30PM
What has happened?? James clearly hit Alix (although he claims he didn't realize it) and went home (and supposedly that is when he realized he hit something.) So he goes off running and claims that he ruined his life and his career. What about poorAlix? He then refuses to take the breathalyzer test. And what about his deleted text messages and his new phone that he just so needed to get during all of this? Jurors, what are we (the public) missing??
05/31/2012 5:04PM
Just read in another article that James took a leave from The Medical Group where he was working. He went to work in a "low-key" office in Orchard Park. Does he think that people in Orchard Park don't read the paper or watch TV??
05/31/2012 5:07PM
Ultimate Fact was dismissed
The ultimate, clear as day fact was dismissed in this case entirely by the jury. The fact that a human being was killed and that is really what was at stake here. There was a death and it was a death caused by the actions of another person. Do I think James Corasanti is bad person? No I don't. He is/was one of the best physicians in WNY. This is not like Anthony Pignataro who was a crooked quack through and through. I just think that the jury made a critcal error in dismissing the fact that a person was killed here and yes Corasanti knew he hit her and essentially admitted to it when he was put in the back of that cop car. Some type of manslaughter conviction needed to be handed down here based on the death and the person who caused that death and that is where the system failed.
05/31/2012 5:53PM
Money CAN buy u anything!
Just shows what money can buy you --- a pass on murder. Say hello to the white O.J. Simpson
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