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"Legal Analysts React to Corasanti Verdict"
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05/30/2012 10:57PM
Legal Analysts React to Corasanti Verdict
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05/31/2012 6:21AM
Alexis life wasn't important enough , she was only young and minding her own business so a drunk rich boy sould be aloud to drive drunk and text all he or she wants. People around in wny need to realize that if your not rich and drive expensive imports,stay out of thier sight and out of the way, you need to know your place! Bow down to all who are above you in life! In WNY if you have, then your God, if you do not have... you know your a pesent All criminals would pay top dollar for a jury like this. Only in Buffalo cant justist be blind, deaf, and very, veey dumb, yet another reason to leave WNY.
05/31/2012 6:50AM
Final verdict
Dr. Corasanti has to live with "that thud sound" for the rest of his life...that is justice in itself.
05/31/2012 11:45AM
Not right
Who is resoonsible for her death, tell who please. No justice has been servied
05/31/2012 1:18PM
Dr. Colrasanti trial
I hope he has nightmares for the rest of his life. I wish his practice goes into the sewer. I so hope the judge can do something like imposing a long jail sentence. My Gold, what a terrible injustice. It's Ojay all over again.
05/31/2012 4:19PM
Don't understand ...
I really will never understand how the jury let him get away with this. He clearly hit Alix and left the scene. And if he didn't realize it then (as he claims) he sure did when he pulled into his garage. He took off running and called his lawyer.!?? He then claimed he ruined his life and his career, and then he refused the BAC test. Why was that James?? And what about the deleted text messages and he just needed to get a new phone during all of this?? What exactly are we missing that the jurors saw??
05/31/2012 5:00PM
Granted that the girl may not have been easily visible that night, but one has to wonder whether visibility was reduced further by the doc being inebriated, or texting. Added to that, he refused a breath test that night. Well, if his wife has any respect she will divorce him as he was definitely flirting with his PA/NP who claims she erased his messages without reading them..without reading your boss' messages?? and he was code name "Naples" in her address book...hmm..wonder what happened in Naples!! He will probably move there asap so he is away from the embarrassment and peoples disapproving eyes.
05/31/2012 5:30PM
This is a terrible verdict. Hope the jurors are able to sleep at night
05/31/2012 9:07PM
He gets nothing for lying about the fact he didn't know he hit something, running from the scene, cleaning human tissue off his car. Then calls his lawyer ? Someone pay off a jury member ? The man is nothing but a low life COWARD ! I hope he dies a slow painful death when his time comes. I'm disgusted. There are no laws for some. The legal system is a joke
05/31/2012 9:13PM
Hopefully there,s enough Western New Yorkers in Naples and the surrounding areas that will pass the word around about Corasanti, so if he tries to start his practice there his crime will be known. RIP Alix.......ROT in your own hell Corasanti
06/01/2012 7:29AM
Sick of all the false allegations and legal analysis from knuckleheads
The legal system did its job and the outcome did not please the masses. The jurors were in that courtroom for every minute of the testimony yet every self appointed "expert" in the public domain knows more than they do. We are now inundated with newly appointed "legal experts" from all walks of like who can pass judgement based on biased media reports, personal opinion and innuendo. The minimum wage losers oozing class envy and the "View" crowd of gossip mongers are making up allegations about mistresses and rave parties at the Corasanti house the night of the verdict and it's all garbage. The prosecution did not meet the standard of "beyond a reasonable doubt." Don't like the verdict? Go to law school, get elected to office and change the laws or elect a district attorney that can build a better case because that group got hammered in this case. But please, stop all the mindless drivel.
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