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"Police Officer Accused of Running Marijuana Operation"
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05/31/2012 1:47PM
Police Officer Accused of Running Marijuana Operation
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05/31/2012 1:56PM
gpayne of alden
what do you expect some police officers are corrupted as well as the city councial
05/31/2012 2:23PM
AHH Great
now theres going to be a drought in
05/31/2012 4:13PM
Where are the liberals at now....?
Why does 25% of the city of Buffalo Police force stay home on Comp? Why does a Buffalo Police officer grow pot as a side job? these are just a few questions that need to be answered. Are these people qualified for the job? or are they products of affirmative action requirements? As are all the policical hires(education superintentant) and underquified people who are being choosen for the job in order to fill a quota...
06/03/2012 5:34PM
Big Deal
big deal cops are regular people to
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