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"Sweet Home Tops Business First's Teacher Pay List"
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06/01/2012 6:14PM
Sweet Home Tops Business First's Teacher Pay List
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06/04/2012 6:20AM
Tea Party Patirat
Techers make to much money. They make kids smrt and then kids become libral
06/04/2012 8:25AM
daily rate/hourly pay
$61,000 per year minus about 33% taxes, FICA, etc = $40,870 This means $227 a day (180 days) or about $32 per hour(7 hour day). What do we pay technicians, plumbers, electricians, heavy equipment operators, and several other unionized members (all whom would not have jobs unless they had been educated by a teacher at some level)? Just wondering. Figure this with 365 days if there is no second job, and the teacher at $61,000 has just $112 a day to pay all expenses except income tax. What does this do for family?
06/04/2012 8:40AM
uh huh
I'd rather give all my money to the professional sports celebrities...They are what really matter to this community
06/04/2012 9:05AM
Out of Control System
Not only are their salaries high but their benefit packages are way beyond what the private sector is getting. The lifetime guaranteed pensions and lifetime medical benefits are literally bankrupting the State.
06/04/2012 9:23AM
Out of control
School systems in this state are out of control, taxes are out of control. gas is out of control.
06/04/2012 9:25AM
Education Pays
Education = Money. Teachers are highly educated and should be compensated accordingly. I'm sure that most of the bitterness towards their salaries comes from people who think a person with a high school diploma should make as much as a teacher.
06/04/2012 10:10AM
Allmost $100,000
Almost $100,000 a year, and the smallest district in the area. Uncalled for!!!
06/04/2012 10:35AM
Soul sacrifice
Teachers have to earn a college degree and then a Masters in education. That takes at least 5 years and close to 100 grand in expenses. They work 5 days a week for forty weeks each year, with a few holidays once in awhile. They care about children and could earn double or triple what they are paid, if they used their educations to simply put their interests first. Try teaching 5 classes of 20-25 children day after day. They deserve more remuneration than they currently receive!!!
06/04/2012 11:31AM
Here we go again
Ah June...teacher bashing time. I wonder how many Sweet Home teachers are earning $97, not too many.
06/04/2012 11:32AM
Here we go again
Ahhh June...teacher bashing time. Wonder how many Sweet Home teachers earn $97, not too many.
06/04/2012 11:38AM
Not just salaries...pensions
Some of the pensions are out of control, no state taxes paid on them either. I can't imagine what NYS would look like if all the public pensioners paid state tax. A private sector pension, if there is one, is much lower and probably doesn'thave the same perks. Most have another spouse with a pension and they are making huge money. Most have two homes and are the country club folks. I think they could afford to pay state tax and have co-pays like the rest of us.
06/04/2012 12:47PM
Teacher Pay
I don’t have any issues with their pay just their benefits. They need to pay a larger share of their healthcare and their pension should be taxed by the state the same as the private sector. The pension part needs to be adopted by all of the public sector employees.
06/04/2012 12:56PM
Get your facts straight
Funny how this morning they said on the radio that the AVERAGE salary for Sweet Home was $97,000 when in reality it was the HIGHEST salary. Can anyone spell AGENDA. A "news" station should be doing better than this.
06/04/2012 4:35PM
In terms of bankruptcy, are we talking about teachers or Medicaid? I find it humorous or even ironic that the vast majority of the indviduals I have meet who criticize teacher pensions and healthcare are receiving some form of public assistance themselves..
06/04/2012 7:17PM
To Tea Party "Patirat"
While we are in agreement that liberals are smart, I disagree that teachers are overpaid. Based upon your spelling, it's too bad some of your teachers were not paid better.
06/05/2012 2:10AM
paid way to much
I know its a dificult job but I don't think the sallary is propper and the benafits are to much. why should somone who siits in a class all day make so much. Tipical elitist garbage.
06/05/2012 8:50AM
RE Get your facts straight
This is only a "news" station if you use quotes, the same way that the slimy Fox "News" is a legitimate media outlet. Neither obviously has much respect for its audience.
06/05/2012 11:20AM
Out of Control
It's not about "teacher bashing", but taking a realistic approach to what a teacher is worth and what we can afford. I been on school boards and the teacher salaries/benefits are excessive, especially with low performing districts. Itdoes not work that way in the private sector.
06/05/2012 9:34PM
Pay Scale
hmm... after 30 years of working as a RN no summers off, working 4 major holidays per year and every other weekend including swing shifts, mandatory overtime and missing my childrens plays, recitals etc i would love to have made 70 thousand. My top salary 61 thousand. My opinion I'll trade places to have a vacation day every month including July and August off. I'm sick of the whining oh we have lesson plans, papers to grade well what do you think we have nothing to do. Lets see, an average teacher schedule, Sept back to school, Oct long weekend for Columbus Day, Nov long weekend thurs & fri Thanksgiving, December week off, Jan off Martin luther King long weekend, Feb week off for winter break, March either Easter off or conference days, April may have week for Easter depends on school calendar, May Memorial Day long weekend oh and June done. I'd trade this for our 4 weeks which only two can be taken during summer and one during holiday time. Oh and the summer break can not be in succession! This is hospital policy.God forgive if your new its worse.
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