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"Cuomo Proposes Cutting Marijuana Penalty"
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06/04/2012 11:42AM
Cuomo to Propose Cutting Marijuana Penalty
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06/04/2012 4:11PM
Why not look into the "loopholes" the laws for DWI, leaving the scene, etc ... After last weeks verdict of Corasanti, those laws need serious changes.
06/04/2012 9:41PM
Make it legal, then tax it to death
Many experts agree our jails and prisons are filled with DWI convictions and simple weed arrests. Legalize pot and make it a highly taxed item. It's a win-win. The state gains revenue and lightens the court docket from pot busts, and John Q Citizenhas an opportunity to smoke weed without fear of arrest. But, be sure to expect public safety requirements (airline crews, bus drivers, transport drivers, etc) will not be allowed to smoke weed, for it can impair judgment.
06/05/2012 1:10PM
Good idea.
Welcome to the 21st century.
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