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"Unions, Tea Party Groups From WNY On Ground in Wisconsin"
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06/05/2012 6:29AM
Unions, Tea Party Groups From WNY On Ground in Wisconsin
What do you think?
06/05/2012 9:32AM
This election will give us a good idea of the post-Citizens United electoral landscape. Is our democracy finished, a victim to sleazy anonymous global corporate interests? Or do the people still have a say? Stay tuned. And do people really still fallfor the Tea Party scam? Are we that gullible?
06/05/2012 11:20AM
it doesn't matter
who wins. the union will not be able to get back what the feel they lost.
06/05/2012 12:15PM
Wisconsin Recall
Hopefully, some of this change can take place in New York State! The unions have a stranglehold on the taxpayers of this state, forcing many people to flee the state to realize tax relief. With such an exodus, who will be left behind to pay these bills?
06/06/2012 7:25AM
One down many more to go.
Congrats to Scott Walker and the taxpayers of WI. Now maybe other states including NY will have the guts to stop the extortion by the civil unions.
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