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"WBEN Extra: Changing NYS Marijuana Laws"
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06/06/2012 6:27AM
WBEN Extra: Marijuana Laws In NYS
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06/06/2012 7:59AM
Leagalize it and treat it like alcohol
The state should just get it over with. This battle has been waging for decades and they aren't winning. When do we say enough is enough. Legalize marijuana and treat it just like alcohol. If you get stoned and drive a car then the same laws that apply to DWI should apply. Just think of all that money that has been spent and what it could do for the state.
06/06/2012 3:49PM
Mr. Paul Smith
I've followed the law for the majority of my life. I'm sick and tired that my so-called leaders don't recognize the fact that illegal is illegal. Don't solve the alien problem make them legal, drugs a problem make it legal. Give me a break
06/06/2012 3:51PM
New york city
make new york city their own state. Then they can have the law anyway they want.
06/06/2012 8:05PM
marijuana laws in nys
i dont see any thing wrong with marijuana use, i believe drinking is a bigger problem in this state. if marijuana was legal i believe like many others in this country that the national debt would fall from all the taxes that could be implimented on the sales, just like the constant tax hikes on the tabacco users
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