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"WBEN EXTRA: Gang Violence In Buffalo"
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06/07/2012 7:45PM
Why Aren't People Talking to Police About MLK Park Shooting?
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06/08/2012 8:37AM
it's a mindset
The lifestyle is a mindset for most of them. They have a deep distrust of the police and law enforcement. Yet when something happens they cry that the police do nothing. You have to help yourself sometimes by speaking up. Perhaps in some cases moving might be a good idea but when you move there has to be a change in lifestyle. They have the power to change it but won't and when the police haul in a gangbanger they cry that it's unfair. Make up your mind and either rise to a better level or sink in your own mire.
06/08/2012 10:27PM
Police know who did the shooting, Like everyone in the community, why has he not even been picked up for questing is crazy, People do things they believe they can get away with, why don;t do this type of stuff in other communities? PLAIN ANS SIMPLE THEY ARE NOT GOING FOR IT, period dARNELL jACKSON sr.
06/09/2012 3:20PM
Why did my dog start barking all of a sudden?
Must be all the dog whistles in this piece.
06/09/2012 6:11PM
Blue Code of Silence From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
When police tell on each other things happen, so it is for the streets. Witness protection that would have to be alot of people getting moved to a foreign place,U.S. say alot but $$$$$ something always goes wrong for years.
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