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The Buffalo Bills Future

COMPLETE COVERAGE: Pegula To Buy Buffalo Bills After Wilson Death

Posted 108 days 12 hrs 1 min ago
From our early coverage of the death of Ralph Wilson, to the selection of Terry Pegula as his successor,  and discussions  about a possible stadium site, WBEN.com has the future of the Buffalo Bills covered with a range of stories, photos and interviews.



Trump Claims Pegulas Overpaid for Bills

Posted 9 hrs 22 mins ago
New York, NY (WBEN) Leave it to Donald Trump to have the last word. Now, he's talking about the sale of the Bills.

Pegula to Meet with NFL Finance Committee

Posted 2 days 19 hrs 57 mins ago
Buffalo, NY (WBEN) Today is a big day for Terry Pegula as he meets with the NFL's finance committee, a big step toward approval of his bid to buy the Buffalo Bills.

Bills Down Dolphins 29-10 in Opener

Posted 5 days 8 hrs 18 mins ago
ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (AP) -- C.J. Spiller scored on a 102-yard kickoff return, and rookie receiver Sammy Watkins had a 12-yard touchdown catch in leading the Buffalo Bills to a 29-10 win over the Miami Dolphins on Sunday.

PHOTOS: Bills Squish the Fish in Home Opener

Posted 5 days 8 hrs 44 mins ago
Orchard Park, N.Y. (WBEN/AP) - In their home opener at Ralph Wilson Stadium in Orchard Park Sunday, and after an emotion-filled week with a deal that will see Terry Pegula assume ownership of the NFL team, the Buffalo Bills defeated the Miami Dolphins.

WBEN Video: Paying Tribute to Ralph Wilson

Posted 7 days 3 hrs 31 mins ago
Buffalo, N.Y. (WBEN) - At the end of the week when Buffalo Bills fans are still digesting the news of the next owner of the NFL franchise, the late owner Ralph Wilson was memorialized in a private affair at Shea's Performing Arts Center Friday night.

Downtown Stadium? Paladino has a Proposal

Posted 7 days 12 hrs 9 mins ago
Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - Buffalo Developer Carl Paladino wants a new Bills stadium to be built downtown, and says the perfect place to put it includes some land he owns.

Bills Mafia: Sunday Will Be One for the Ages

Posted 7 days 19 hrs 30 mins ago
Orchard Park, NY (WBEN) The Bills open their home slate Sunday against the Miami Dolphins. That's exciting enough, but with all that's happened with the sale of the team, one Bills fan says it will be one for the ages.

The Bills Without the Jills

Posted 7 days 20 hrs 48 mins ago
Orchard Park, NY (WBEN) - There will be something different at Ralph Wilson Stadium this Sunday than in years past.

What's Next Now There's a Deal for the Bills?

Posted 8 days 19 hrs 28 mins ago
Buffalo, NY (WBEN) Now that there's a deal for the Buffalo Bills, what's next in the process to close the sale? A man who's been there tells us about a vetting that will be extensive.

$1.4 Billion Well Spent?

Posted 8 days 20 hrs 48 mins ago
Are the Bills a sound financial investment?

Kelly Reacts to Sale of Bills

Posted 9 days 11 hrs 25 mins ago
Buffalo, NY (WBEN) Hall of Fame Quarterback Jim Kelly is out with a statement on the Bills sale to Terry Pegula.

Fans, Alumni Celebrate Pegula's Purchase

Posted 9 days 14 hrs 23 mins ago
ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (AP) - The NFL-record bid Buffalo Sabres owners Terry and Kim Pegula have made to buy the Bills is already paying off. Their offer of $1.4 billion has quickly resulted in an outpouring of support generated in their adopted home.

FOCUS: "When or Will the Bills Leave" Storm Cloud Lifted!

Posted 9 days 18 hrs 52 mins ago
ORCHARD PARK — (AP/WBEN) “One of the saddest thing for me to consider was that someday we may have had children and I would never had a chance to share what (the Bills) are like with them,” said Dale Paradowski, a Bills season ticketholder, who is getting married next week. “This purchase isn’t just a transaction. It’s a symbol of a city and those who love it.”

Trump, Bon Jovi, Issue Statements on Bills Sale

Posted 10 days 8 hrs 56 mins ago
Buffalo, NY (WBEN) Two other potential bidders for the Bills have issued statement, after the announcement the Ralph WIlson estate has agreed to sell the team to Terry and Kim Pegula.

It's Official: Statements from Buffalo Bills & Terry Pegula

Posted 10 days 9 hrs 37 mins ago
Buffalo, N.Y. (WBEN) - Just hours after the word came out that Terry Pegula made the winning bid to take ownership of the Buffalo Bills, both the team and Pegula have released statements.

Bon Jovi Boycott Ends, But Hard Feelings Remain

Posted 10 days 12 hrs 1 min ago
Buffalo, NY (WBEN) A local fan group fighting off a Toronto bid for the Buffalo Bills says the boycott of the rock star leading that charge will end, but not the hard feelings.

Reaction to Pegula selection as Bills Owner

Posted 10 days 13 hrs 19 mins ago
Upon word that Terry Pegula has an apparent tentative agreement with the Ralph Wilson Trust to buy the Buffalo Bills, a range of civic leaders and politicians are weighing in

Pegula Wins! Terry Pegula has Deal to Buy Buffalo Bills

Posted 10 days 14 hrs 41 mins ago

Several sources familiar with discussions say that Terry and Kim Pegula's bid to buy the Buffalo Bills has been tentatively approved by members of late owner Ralph Wilson's estate.

ESPN: Pegulas On "Verge" Of Buying Bills

Posted 11 days 22 mins ago
Orchard Park, NY (WBEN / ESPN) -- Terry and Kim Pegula are reportedly "on the verge" of buying the Buffalo Bills, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter.

AP Sources: 3 Groups Submit Bids to Buy Bills

Posted 11 days 6 hrs 29 mins ago
ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (AP) - Four people familiar with discussions have told The Associated Press that at least three groups - including Buffalo Sabres owners Terry and Kim Pegula - have submitted formal bids to buy the Buffalo Bills.

Bills Bids Due Today, Schumer Says Pegula is "Enthusiastic"

Posted 11 days 10 hrs 36 mins ago
Hamburg, NY (WBEN) - With final, binding bids for the Buffalo Bills due Monday, it appears we will know soon who will emerge as the next owner of the team.

State Consultant Picks Buffalo, W. Seneca Or OP for Stadium

Posted 23 days 18 hrs 49 mins ago
(WBEN) A California company commissioned by New York State to study and recommend potential sites for a new Buffalo Bills football stadium has rejected Batavia, Niagara Falls and  Buffalo's Outer Harbor locations.

Report: Bon Jovi Toronto Bid on 'Life Support'

Posted 29 days 8 hrs 31 mins ago
Toronto, ON (WBEN) As we learned of the initial bids for the Buffalo Bills, the Toronto-based bid led by rocker Jon Bon Jovi may be on its last legs.

Forbes: Three Bids for Bills So Far

Posted 29 days 11 hrs 22 mins ago
Buffalo, NY (WBEN) There are new figures for the initial bids for the Buffalo Bills. Forbes magazine reports they're well below $1 billion.

Forbes Values Bills at Less than $1 Billion

Posted 30 days 10 hrs 2 mins ago
Buffalo, NY (WBEN) In its annual valuations of the 32 NFL clubs, Forbes values the Buffalo Bills at less than $1 billion.

AP Source: Bills Bids to be Submitted in 2 Weeks

Posted 31 days 9 hrs 2 mins ago
PITTSFORD, N.Y. (AP) - A person familiar with the Buffalo Bills sale timetable tells The Associated Press that the process is entering the final stage with prospective buyers asked to submit formal bids in two weeks.

Report: Bon Jovi Advised to Meet with Kelly

Posted 32 days 8 hrs 59 mins ago
Toronto, ON (WBEN) Did Jon Bon Jovi reach out to Jim Kelly in his bid for the Bills?

Report: Toronto Group's Meeting was 'Drama-Free'

Posted 36 days 12 hrs 22 mins ago
Toronto, ON (WBEN) The Toronto group led by Jon Bon Jovi and Rogers Communications met with Morgan Stanley for their management presentation meeting. Reports say the meeting was routine and "drama-free."

Bills to Toronto Concerns Raised by Documents

Posted 36 days 14 hrs 33 mins ago
(AP)  A Buffalo Bills fan group uncovered documents that suggest a Toronto-based prospective ownership group has plans to relocate the franchise north of the border.

Report: Bon Jovi's Re-Bid Accepted

Posted 39 days 9 hrs 28 mins ago
Toronto, ON (WBEN) Jon Bon Jovi's second chance has paid off. A report says Bon Jovi and his Toronto-based group will meet with the Bills' trust Tuesday in New York.

Report: Kelly Looking to Team up with Bidder

Posted 42 days 12 hrs 23 mins ago
Buffalo, NY (WBEN) A hall of fame quarterback is reportedly looking to team up with a larger group pursuing the Bills.

Report: Golisano Bids for Bills

Posted 43 days 6 hrs 34 mins ago
Buffalo, NY (WBEN) And now there are four. Reports are out a former major-league sports franchise owner wants to get back in the game, this time with the Bills.

Reports: Trump First Up in Meeting With Bills, Kelly Follows

Posted 43 days 13 hrs ago
BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP/WBEN) -- The sale of the Buffalo Bills entered the next phase with prospective ownership groups, including Donald Trump, meeting with team officials to prepare formal bids.

Report: Bon Jovi Bid Living on a Prayer?

Posted 45 days 10 hrs 25 mins ago
Toronto, ON (WBEN) Jon Bon Jovi and his Toronto group are getting another chance to redo its first bid.

Report: Bon Jovi & Trump Might Have Breached Confidentiality on Bills Bids

Posted 45 days 18 hrs 9 mins ago
(WBEN/AP)  When rock star Jon Bon Jovi sent an open letter to fans about his intent to keep the Bills in Buffalo, he may have gone awry of non disclosure rules that surround the sale of the team. Real Estate Mogul Donald Trump may have also done so with recent remarks, The Buffalo News says.

Bills Fall To Giants, 17-13, In Pre-Season Opener

Posted 46 days 19 hrs 37 mins ago
CANTON, Ohio -- The Buffalo Bills dropped their first exhibition game of the 2014 season, falling 17-13 to the New York Giants in the preseason-opening Hall of Fame Game.

Bon Jovi Wants Bills in Buffalo, Critics are Skeptical

Posted 46 days 19 hrs 40 mins ago
 CANTON, Ohio (WBEN/AP) -- Jon Bon Jovi is hoping he's written a hit with Buffalo Bills fans in a bid to stem concerns of whether his prospective ownership group plans to buy and potentially relocate the franchise to Toronto.

Settlement in 12th Man Thunder Suit

Posted 49 days 10 hrs 31 mins ago
Buffalo, NY (WBEN) A Bills fan whose website to support keeping the Bills in Buffalo that ran afoul of Texas A&M University has reached a settlement with the school.

Bills Sale: Trump & Pegula Move Ahead, Bon Jovi Maybe Not

Posted 49 days 19 hrs 55 mins ago
Donald Trump remains in the running to buy the Buffalo Bills. And so are NHL Buffalo Sabres owners Terry and Kim Pegula,. A Toronto group that includes rocker Jon Bon Jovi was expected to submit a bid. It's not known if that group has been selected to advance.

Ceretto Backs Pegula Over Bon Jovi

Posted 50 days 8 hrs 26 mins ago
Niagara Falls, NY (WBEN) The first legislative opinion on the Bills bidding has come out, and it comes from a backer of Terry Pegula's bid.

Pegula : A Billion For Bills, Trump Also Submits Bid

Posted 51 days 19 hrs 13 mins ago
(WBEN/AP) One day after initial non-binding bids for the Buffalo Bills were due, there are reports that Sabres Owner Terry Pegula entered one for over $1 billion on a team that the late Ralph WIlson paid only $25,000 for in 1959.

Bon Jovi Group Meeting with Congel

Posted 52 days 8 hrs 59 mins ago
Buffalo, NY (AP) Representatives of the Bon Jovi group who have been exploring potential stadium sites scheduled a meeting with upstate New York developer Scott Congel, a person familiar with the meeting told the AP on Tuesday.

Schumer Issues Statement on Bills Bids

Posted 52 days 11 hrs 21 mins ago
Buffalo, NY (WBEN) Senator Chuck Schumer is among those closely following the developments of the sale of the Bills. He's issued a statement as deadline day arrives for preliminary non-binding bids.

Bon Jovi Ban Getting More Attention

Posted 52 days 11 hrs 53 mins ago
Buffalo, NY (WBEN) The bid by Jon Bon Jovi to buy the Buffalo Bills has spawned rumors he would join Toronto investors in moving the team north. That has sparked a boycott of Bon Jovi's music, and that has been getting more attention.
INSIDE: A link to the story.

Trump Says His Buffalo Bills Bid Unlikely to Win

Posted 52 days 13 hrs 26 mins ago
BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) - Donald Trump says he'll submit a bid to buy the Buffalo Bills but that it's unlikely his offer will be the winner.

AP Source: NFL Stadium Sites Explored in Toronto

Posted 57 days 8 hrs 36 mins ago
BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) - A prospective ownership group that includes Jon Bon Jovi has conducted a feasibility study into buying the Bills and building a stadium in Toronto, a person close to the situation says

Report: Big Price Tag on Bills, Insider Expects Bon Jovi to Pay

Posted 60 days 12 hrs 7 mins ago
Pittsford, NY (WBEN) - While some recent figures have placed the value of the Buffalo Bills below $1 Billion, conventional wisdom has said a new owner would likely spend big to become the owner of an NFL franchise.

AP Sources: Bon Jovi Part of Group Eyeing Bills

Posted 63 days 10 hrs 39 mins ago
Buffalo, NY (AP) - Three people who have reviewed documents concerning the sale of the Buffalo Bills say a Toronto group that includes rocker Jon Bon Jovi is interested in buying the team.

Forbes: Bills Worth $870 million, but a Toronto Buyer Could Pay $1.2 B

Posted 64 days 14 hrs 2 mins ago
 Even as big-money investors try to pin down a sale price on the Buffalo Bills, one national publication has a concrete number.- and suggests that a Toronto based buyer could even make of a go of it with a purchase of the team for $1.2 billion.


HEAR Attorney Roy Cunningham

Posted 65 days 16 hrs 16 mins ago
with a specialty in trusts and these kinds of business transactions, Cunningham offers insight into the sales process and how long it may take to select a winning bidder for the team

AUDIO: Inside The Bid Book

Posted 65 days 16 hrs 17 mins ago

AUDIO: Hear Trusts Atty Roy Cunningham- on the process

Posted 65 days 16 hrs 18 mins ago

One Guarantee in Bills' Sale: New Owner Will Make Money

Posted 65 days 20 hrs 48 mins ago
Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - Just how much money can someone expect to make owning the Buffalo Bills?

Report on Potential Buffalo Stadium Sites Delayed

Posted 70 days 9 hrs 34 mins ago
BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) - A report that had been anticipated Friday identifying potential sites for a new Buffalo Bills stadium is now expected at the end of the month.

Kelly Talks Recovery, Bills' Future

Posted 71 days 13 hrs 9 mins ago
Amherst, NY (WBEN) - Today, at Sweet Home High School, Jim Kelly took part in his annual Football Camp.

AUDIO: Hear Toronto Sun Columnist John Kryk Lay Out The Sale Timetable

Posted 73 days 16 hrs 36 mins ago
Kryk says the next deadline is July 29  when potential buyers have to indicate whether they intend to bid. CLICK THE HEADLINE ABOVE to HEAR HIS LIVELINE INTERVIEW with John Zach & Susan Rose

Report: Bills Sale Book Released

Posted 78 days 11 hrs 28 mins ago
Buffalo, NY (WBEN) Prospective bidders for the Buffalo Bills have received the sale book from the trust, according to reports.

Report: Pegulas Hire Sports Broker

Posted 79 days 9 hrs 21 mins ago
Buffalo, NY (WBEN) Could this be another step toward a bid for the Bills? There's a report saying Terry and Kim Pegula have hired a sports broker.

No Canada?: Rogers Out; Bon Jovi Keeping Bills in US

Posted 80 days 18 hrs 1 min ago
The Toronto Sun says that Edward Rogers III, the deputy chairman of Rogers Communications in Toronto is not attempting to buy the Buffalo Bills after all, and a close friend of  rock star Jon Bon Jovi underlines that a bid from him would keep the team in Western New York. 

Cuomo: Number of Serious Bidders Committed to Keeping Bills in WNY

Posted 87 days 47 mins ago
Governor confirms local interest, has doubts about certainty of a new stadium.

Pegula Backs Bills Staying in Buffalo

Posted 91 days 11 hrs 31 mins ago
BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) - Buffalo Sabres owners Terry and Kim Pegula say they have a strong desire to see the Bills stay in Buffalo, and aren't ruling out making a bid to buy the franchise.

Bills Sale Latest: Trump, Pegula and Bon Jovi

Posted 91 days 17 hrs 8 mins ago
Sabres Owner Terry Pegula and mogul Donald Trump have both been given paperwork to start the bidding process, as Bon Jovi lunches with the NFL Commish

Trump Receives Bills Bidding Documents

Posted 92 days 12 hrs 21 mins ago
Buffalo, NY (WBEN) The Buffalo Bills are up for bids, officially. A rep for Donald Trump says he has received initial documents..

Timetable For a Bills Sale

Posted 95 days 18 hrs 37 mins ago
The timetable is murky, but one thing remains fairly clear.  The Buffalo Bills could be  be sold farily soon.  Several deadlines and hints of the tightly held private timetable have emerged- and all point toward increasing back and forth in the next few weeks.

Reports: Jacobs Out of Running for Bills

Posted 98 days 10 hrs 34 mins ago
Buffalo, NY (WBEN/AP) There are multiple reports the Jacobs family will not be among those bidding for the Buffalo Bills. But it is possible the Jacobs family may participate in the stadium process.

Reports: Pegula Interested in Bills Bid

Posted 99 days 7 hrs 9 mins ago
Buffalo, NY (WBEN) It looks like the Sabres' owner is looking to make a bid for the Buffalo Bills.

Pabst Beer Mogul Metropoulous Wants A Bills Bid

Posted 99 days 18 hrs 22 mins ago
(WBEN) Add another name to the list of leaked possible owners of the Buffalo Bills.  C. Dean Metropoulous-- the owner of Pabst Beer brands- a $1.3 billion businessman is considering a purchase according to several media reports .

Area Group Wants Fans To Be Heard

Posted 103 days 9 hrs 57 mins ago
Buffalo, NY (WBEN) A gorup of Bills' fans were sitting around one day and decided that their voice need to be heard when it came to the sale of their beloved team. So they decided to do something about it.

Golisano Interested in Buying Bills

Posted 106 days 7 hrs 34 mins ago
Rochester, NY (WBEN) The former owner of the Buffalo Sabres confirmed his interest in buying the Buffalo Bills as he accepted an award from a Rochester high school.

Kryk: Niagara "Supergroup" Could Boost Bills Bidding

Posted 108 days 18 hrs 15 mins ago
The Toronto Sun hints that a possible "super group" might emerge with enough clout to buy the Bills, and possibly set up shop in Niagara Falls.

INSIDE : The Full Story 
See Also: Golisano Interest Trumps Trump

What Are PSLs? A Basic Look at Personal Seat Licenses

Posted 112 days 12 hrs 10 mins ago
Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - It seems that you can't talk about a new football stadium without mentioning three magic words.

Personal Seat Licenses.

Photo Tour: Ralph Wilson Stadium Renovations

Posted 112 days 19 hrs 45 mins ago
Orchard Park, NY (WBEN) - While all the talk is focused on a new Bills stadium, the team's current home is undergoing a major facelift.


Poloncarz Speaks on Congel, Talks Stadium Plans

Posted 113 days 12 hrs 21 mins ago
Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz reacted on Thursday to news reports that Scott Congel could be part of a bid to buy the Buffalo Bills, and that the plan could include a new stadium on the site of the former Seneca Mall.

AP Sources: Golisano Expresses Plans to Buy Bills

Posted 114 days 9 hrs 38 mins ago
BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) - People involved with the negotiations say billionaire Tom Golisano has met with Buffalo Bills officials and public leaders, and informed them of his interest in purchasing the franchise.

Three Bills HOFers Join Buffalo Fan Alliance

Posted 115 days 10 hrs 24 mins ago
Buffalo, NY (WBEN) James Lofton, Joe DeLamielleure, and Billy Shaw, former Bills enshrined in the hall of fame, are joining the Buffalo Fan Alliance advisory board. Developer Rocco Termini is also joining the board.

Toronto Sun: Golisano To Bid For Bills

Posted 120 days 18 hrs 17 mins ago
(WBEN/AP) The Buffalo Bills have hired legal and financial advisers to help with the sale of the team. One of those seeking to buy the team is former Sabres owner Tom Golisano, according to the Toronto Sun.

Bills Hire Advisers for Franchise Sale

Posted 121 days 12 hrs 24 mins ago
Orchard Park, NY (WBEN) The Buffalo Bills today announce that Morgan Stanley has been retained to serve as financial advisor and Proskauer Rose has been engaged to serve as legal advisor during the sale process.

Will Bills Follow Vikings' Script Toward a New Stadium?

Posted 122 days 20 hrs 48 mins ago
(WBEN) - Minnesota spent six years debating a new football stadium before they broke ground. Will the Bills follow a similar path?

Kelly: New Stadium Key to Keeping Bills Here

Posted 123 days 12 hrs 35 mins ago
Buffalo, NY (WBEN) A former Buffalo Bill is among those on record saying the Bills need a new stadium to stay in Western New York.

Kelly Vows to Beat Cancer, Preserve Bills' Future

Posted 127 days 10 hrs 39 mins ago
BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) - The recurrence of cancer isn't tempering Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly's resolve to keep the Bills in Buffalo.

Milstein Pulls Out of Buying Bills

Posted 130 days 11 hrs 20 mins ago
Buffalo, NY (WBEN) Count the Thruway Authority's chairman out of the running to buy the Buffalo Bills. Howard Milstein says he won't buy the team.

Big Plans For Vacant Outer Harbor Space

Posted 130 days 13 hrs 13 mins ago
Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - The second private development group to suggest a sports complex for Buffalo's outer harbor unveiled their plans Monday morning, to try and develop an amateur athletics complex there.

Goodell: Bills Need New Stadium to Ensure Future

Posted 134 days 22 hrs 14 mins ago
BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) - NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says he believes the Buffalo Bills will require a new stadium to remain viable in western New York.

NYS Hires Firm to Scope Out New Bills Stadium Sites

Posted 135 days 17 hrs 22 mins ago
A California-based architectural and design firm was hired Tuesday to identify three to four sites across the region that could serve as the team's new home.

Report: Four Person Trust to Decide Winning Bills Bid

Posted 136 days 13 hrs 21 mins ago
Clarence, NY (WBEN) A report says the new owner of the Buffalo Bills will need the approval of a four person trust created by Ralph Wilson before his passing.

Politicians Try to Temper Bills Fans' Expectations

Posted 137 days 10 hrs 21 mins ago
Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - "The committee on rumors works 24 hours a day," Senator Charles Schumer said while in Buffalo on Monday.

Buffalo Bills: New Owner in 90 Days?

Posted 138 days 16 hrs 55 mins ago
BUFFALO, N.Y. -- (AP/WBEN) - The Buffalo Bills could identify a new owner within three months, leading Gov. Andrew Cuomo's stepping up the state's efforts to secure the franchise's long-term future in the region.


Latest Bills Buyer: Thruway Chair & Falls Developer Milstein

Posted 140 days 18 hrs 51 mins ago
Add  Milstein to a growing list of candidates interested in purchasing the Bills. He is chairman of the Thruway Authority and controls an undeveloped 142-acre plot of land in downtown Niagara Falls that has been mentioned as a potential site for a new Bills stadium.

NY Retains Sports Attorney in bid to Keep Bills

Posted 141 days 15 hrs 11 mins ago
Irwin Raij, who played a key role in negotiating the Bills' 10-year lease, is staying on to represent the state's interests in securing the franchise's long-term future following the death of owner Ralph Wilson.

Lawyers to Assist State in Bills Sale

Posted 142 days 12 hrs 27 mins ago
(WBEN) - The Governor's office has retained lawyers to help keep the Bills in Buffalo.

Toronto Star: Bills Lease Forbids Buyer Relocation

Posted 143 days 14 hrs 20 mins ago
(WBEN) Toronto Sun Columnist John Kryk is reporting that the Ralph Wilson Stadium lease between the Buffalo Bills and Erie County doesn't only make it financially difficult for a buyer of the team to relocate, it actually forbids it. Kryk's discovery goes far beyond the previous reported re-location agreement

Jacobs Family Releases Statement on Bills

Posted 148 days 12 hrs 32 mins ago
Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - Jeremy Jacobs and the Jacobs family have been among the top of the names rumored to be interested in purchasing the Buffalo Bills ever since the passing of Ralph Wilson.

Read a statement from Jeremy Jacobs Jr. inside

Reed Joins Group Trying to Keep Bills in Buffalo

Posted 151 days 12 hrs 21 mins ago
BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) - Hall of Fame receiver Andre Reed has joined a Bills' fan group trying to keep the team in Buffalo.

Big Names Among Those Courting Bills Ownership

Posted 152 days 5 hrs 31 mins ago
BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) -- Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly is prepared to make a bid to buy the Buffalo Bills. Donald Trump's on board, too.


Ceretto Backs Bills to Falls

Posted 156 days 8 hrs 25 mins ago
Niagara Falls, NY (WBEN) Assemblyman John Ceretto says he wants to start talks to bring the Bills to Niagara Falls.

Trump Asking for Local Advice on Possible Bills Bid

Posted 157 days 12 hrs 46 mins ago
Buffalo, NY (WBEN) Though not running for governor, Donald Trump is in touch with Western New York leaders about a different kind of bid, a bid to buy the Buffalo Bills.

Erie County Republican Chairman Nick Langworthy says Trump is interested in buying the Bills and keeping them here. "That's certainly something I'm dedicated to in any way I can be helpful. So, we've been in

Trump Still Says He's Interested In Bills Ownership

Posted 157 days 13 hrs 34 mins ago
After first telling WBEN at the start of this month that he was looking at joining a Buffalo Bills ownership group, Donald Trump has since spoken with Bills management twice about it, acording to sources.

Schumer Speaks on School Safety, Bills' Future

Posted 157 days 20 hrs 59 mins ago
Cheektowaga, NY (WBEN) - In a Cheektowaga stop, New York's Senior Senator made a plea for school funding, and took questions on the future of the Bills

Kearns Calls for More Transparency in New Stadium Talks

Posted 158 days 10 hrs 7 mins ago
West Seneca, NY (WBEN) Assemblyman Mickey Kearns says he has fans worried about what will happen as the New Stadium Working Group moves forward, and is asking for a more open process.
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