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Malaysia Mystery: The Latest on Flt. 370


03/19/14 11:43 AM
Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 with 239 people aboard disappeared March 8 on a  flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

Was it terrorism or some bizarre accident? Stay  with WBEN  for the very latest on the search.

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BREAKING NEWS: Debris Field Spotted In Indian Ocean

03/26/14 07:12 AM
PERTH, Australia (AP) -- Malaysia says a satellite has captured images of 122 objects in the Indian Ocean that might be from the missing plane.

Defense Minister Hishammuddin Hussein says the objects were seen close to where three other satellites previously detected objects.

He said Wednesday the sightings together are "the most credible lead that we have."

Hishammuddin said

China Demands Malaysian Plane Data

03/25/14 05:43 AM
 China demanded that Malaysia turn over the satellite data used to conclude that a Malaysia Airlines jetliner had crashed in the southern Indian Ocean killing everyone on board, as gale-force winds and heavy rain on Tuesday halted the search for any remains of the plane.

The weather is expected to improve so that the multinational search being conducted out of Perth, Australia, could

AUDIO: Malysian Briefing- Tuesday Morning

03/25/14 05:32 AM
Officials elaborated on how they determined the plane went down in the southern part of the Indian Ocean

Malaysian PM : Plane Went Down In Indian Ocean

03/24/14 10:11 AM
Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak says a new analysis of satellite data shows that the missing Malaysia Airlines plane plunged into the southern Indian Ocean.

HEAR the Malaysian PM Announcement

03/24/14 10:09 AM
Monday morning he told families there is evidence now that the plane did go down in the Southern Indian Ocean

AUDIO: On The Liveline: Attorney Steve Marks

03/24/14 08:57 AM
Marks represented families during the Air France crash and has experience with the way searches for debris can drag on and on.

The Latest Monday Morning from Kuala Lumpur

03/24/14 08:55 AM
HEAR CBS's Steve Futterman on the WBEN Liveline from Malayasia

Chinese Plane Spots Objects in Indian Ocean

03/24/14 06:12 AM
A Chinese plane on Monday spotted two large objects in an area identified by multiple satellite images as containing possible debris from the missing Malaysian airliner, boosting hopes the frustrating search in the southern Indian Ocean could turn up another clue to the jet's fate.

Search For Missing Jet: Black Box Locator On Standby

03/24/14 12:03 AM
PERTH, Australia (AP) -- The search for a missing jet continues, and the United States Navy prepared to move a specialized device that can locate black boxes into the south Indian Ocean region.

Interactive Special Scroll down for Timeline, Video Pictures & More

03/23/14 12:49 PM

Pilot Theories with Flight Instructor Bob Miller

03/23/14 12:47 PM
from Hardline with Dave Debo, Sunday Mar. 23

More Planes Join Hunt For Missing Jet

03/23/14 02:16 AM
More planes joined the search Sunday of a remote patch of the southern Indian Ocean in hopes of finding answers to the fate of the missing Malaysia Airlines jet.

Satellite Photos of Possible Plane Debris

03/20/14 06:57 AM
One of the objects spotted in the satellite imagery was approximately 24 meters (79 feet) long, and another was thought to be about 5 meters (16.5 feet). 

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BREAKING: Checking Objects Found in Indian Ocean

03/20/14 03:17 AM
KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) -- Four military search planes were dispatched Thursday to try to determine whether two large objects bobbing in a remote part of the Indian Ocean were part of a possible debris field of the missing Malaysia Airlines flight.

7 Leading Theories on Disappearance of Flight 370

03/20/14 01:21 AM
NEW YORK (AP) -- Countless theories have surfaced about the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 nearly two weeks ago.


FBI Probing Flight Simulator

03/19/14 12:00 PM
 A U.S. official says the Malaysian government is seeking the FBI's help in analyzing any electronic files deleted last month from the home flight simulator of the pilot of the missing Malaysian plane.

Malaysia: Files Deleted From Flight Simulator

03/19/14 07:19 AM
 Investigators are trying to restore files deleted last month from the home flight simulator of the pilot aboard the missing Malaysian plane to see if they shed any light on the disappearance, Malaysia's defense minister said Wednesday.     
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What is the Missing Plane is Never Found?

03/19/14 12:33 AM
WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) -- The plane must be somewhere. But the same can be said for Amelia Earhart's.

Ten days after Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappeared with 239 people aboard, an exhaustive international search has produced no sign of the Boeing 777, raising an unsettling question: What if the airplane is never found?

The Politics of it All:HEAR Dave Levinthal on The WBEN Liveline

03/18/14 10:19 AM
As part of his regular weekly chat with John Zach & Susan Rose,  Levinthal, from the Center for Public Integrity  looked at the ripples in Washington and beyond

AUDIO: On The Liveline: Shannon Van Sant In Beijing

03/18/14 10:15 AM
Hear the latest as of Tuesday morning.

The Latest on Missing Flight MH 370

03/18/14 05:37 AM
Why Do Airline Transponders Even Have an "Off" Switch?
Ever since Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappeared, a fascinated public has asked: Why can somebody in the cockpit shut off the transponder? 
John Gadzinski, a Boeing 737 captain, said that among fellow pilots "there is a raised eyebrow like Spock on `Star Trek' - you just sit there and go, `why would anybody do that?     READ MORE
ALSO INSIDE:  US Navy Pulls Some Ships Out of Search | International Politics: Who wants to Locate the Plane First?
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New Theories of Malaysia Air DIsappearance

03/17/14 06:54 PM
Buffalo, NY (WBEN) Officials revealed a new timeline Monday suggesting the final voice transmission from the cockpit of the missing Malaysian plane may have occurred before any of its communications systems were disabled, adding more uncertainty about who aboard might have been to blame.

On the WBEN Liveline: Using Social Media to Help Track Plane

03/17/14 10:21 AM
Hear more from Dr. Gregory Wood at Canisus College, with John & Susan

Malaysian Plane Latest: Relying on Satellite Imagery

03/17/14 05:39 AM
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Finding a missing Malaysia Airlines plane may hinge on whether searchers can narrow down where they need to look using satellite data that is inexact and has never been used for that purpose before, search and rescue experts say.  ALSO INSIDE:  Using Crowdsourcing to Help!

Malaysian Plane Latest: Pilot Suicide Explored

03/16/14 08:09 AM
As the search widens and   police investigate the two pilots of a Malaysian passenger jet that disappeared more than a week ago, a possibility they must consider is that one of them committed suicide by deliberately crashing the plane.   
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Latest On Jet-"Seismic Activity Recorded"

03/14/14 10:22 AM
Hear CBS's Barnaby Lo on The WBEN Liveline from Ho Chi Minh City

Some Systems on Missing Jet May Have Been Turned Off

03/14/14 09:29 AM

New York, N.Y. (CBS News/AP) - CBS News reports  two communications systems on board the missing Malaysia jetliner shut down sequentially- suggesting they were intentionally turned off.

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Malaysians Dispute Report Plane Flew Hours After Last Contact

03/13/14 08:14 AM
The Wall Street Journal says the missing plane flew for another 4 hours after losing contact,

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Malaysia Mystery: How Can A Plane Just Disappear?

03/10/14 11:51 AM
 INSIDE:  from Bombs to Pilot Suicide-- what might have brought down a Malaysian Airlines plane that disappeared in flight this weekend.

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