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"Chocolate: My Kind of Health Food!"
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06/11/2012 11:43AM
Chocolate: My Kind of Health Food!
What’s your favorite kind of chocolate? How often do you eat chocolate? Do you combine it with anything else?
06/11/2012 3:24PM
Chocolate and peanut butter
Hi Brenda- You can't beat dark chocolate with peanut butter spread on top. The bitterness of the dark chocolate is offset by the creamy sweetness of the peanut butter. Can't wait to try Just Chocolate.
06/12/2012 10:59AM
Support local companies
Nice to see a local biz doing well.
06/12/2012 2:39PM
Orange Chocolate
Hi Brenda. Thank You for bringing up Just Chocolate and The Freedom Run Winery. My Husband and I recently moved from Buffalo to Denver, CO. There is absolutely NO recipe for chocolate here in the West - like Donna and Jerry's. I miss their orange chocolate and Ron misses their rich and creamy Sponge Candy. Also, being a former Medical Assistant for 39 yrs, I know the benefit of chocolate everyday. Just remember moderation. I want to order some by mail.
06/12/2012 3:09PM
More. Delights
Their pineapple-coconut dark chocolate is a new delicious delight , it is a palate pleasing candy. A must try.
06/12/2012 6:43PM
My "splurge"
I love's my cheat food and I have one square of dark choc every couple days (truth). Health benefits are real - and the chocolate has to be the real deal for me. None of that cheap stuff! I will have to try Just Chocolate!! Thanks for the tip! Keep up the great work Brenda... I love these tips! Robbie Raugh
06/12/2012 8:05PM
Good Idea
I think this weekend we will take a trip to Freedom Run for some wine and that delicious chocolate thank you Brenda
06/12/2012 8:09PM
Super chocolate !! Great reminder Brenda think we will go to go to the winery this weekend Big Event this week i hear
06/12/2012 8:11PM
chocolate is Healthy....
So happy to hear that. Try some of the new tropical coconut and pineapple wonderful !!Tx Just Chocolate !
06/12/2012 9:45PM
Try this combination, Brenda
Sip some nice red wine and take a bite of dark chocolate at the same time. It's a delicious combo!
06/12/2012 9:54PM
who would have....
who would have thought something so delicious can actually be good for us...pass the bag around please!
06/13/2012 6:39AM
Freedom Run
Thats in Lockport I think Sounds like a plan to me chocolate and wine mmmmmmm
06/13/2012 9:51PM
my favorite chocolate is...dark
almost mixed with anything coconut mixed nuts pretzels dried fruits even plain makes me hungry for just chocolate at the winery...the weather will be nice i hope
06/14/2012 10:41AM
Great to hear that!!
I just wanted to say:By hearing that (Chocolate)can be the best & healthist food to eat & it has the complete benefits of stopping cancer is the best news that i have heard reguarding (Dark Chocolate).So,Congrats to my A.Donna & U.jerry on ajob well done for starting this type of business in which can be able to help other people to live a much more healthier life in the long run!! (~So,try JUST CHOCOLATE AT THE FREEDOM RUN WINERY!!~)
06/14/2012 10:20PM
I want...
I want some of this chocolate now !
06/16/2012 9:03AM
sounds so good
Think I might go to Freedom Run for some wine and to pick up some chocolate from Donna I have had some and their dark chocolate is NOT bitter it is perfect ..try it... thanks Brenda.. sweet subject this week
06/16/2012 8:42PM
had some today
wonderful wine and wonderful chocolate went today very plesent winery and delicious chocolate
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